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Online Financial Crime and Compliance Management Career Outlook

Professional Outcomes of the Masters in Financial Crime and
Compliance Management

Fraud and Compliance practitioners represent a variety of careers and professional backgrounds in both the public and private sectors. Our innovative Financial Crime and Compliance program will support your preparation for the Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) Examination given by ACAMS. It will also enhance your potential to qualify you for leadership positions in fraud analysis, fraud investigation, fraud examination, and compliance, in many industries and law enforcement organizations.

Students emerge with marketable and practical job skills such as:

  • ::  Understanding of how organizational design and enterprise risk management are integral to managing fraud and compliance
  • ::  Advanced investigation and analysis skills including auditing, data mining, and modeling
  • ::  Ability to utilize multiple data sources to prevent, detect, and mitigate fraud
  • ::  Recognition of the relationship between operational risk and information and communication technology
  • ::  Comprehension of how loss mitigation and business continuity protect an organization
  • ::  Understanding of the complex legal and compliance regulations impacting public- and private-sector organizations
  • ::  Ability to think critically and apply information to problems
  • ::  Written and oral communication skills
  • ::  Application of theoretical, practical and current knowledge, professional ethics and responsibility

Job Profile: Director, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Similar Job Titles: Dir. Strategic Risk Management; Dir. Risk Intelligence
Median Salary: $122,800
Job Description:
•   Spearheads the leadership, innovation, governance, and management to collaboratively uncover, analyze, evaluate, handle, and monitor operational and strategic risks
•   Develops risk management tools, practices, and policies to assess and report strategic, emerging and dynamic enterprise risks
•   Determines the organization's enterprise risk management architecture/framework and manages risk according to that framework
•   Ensures the organization's risk management policies and risk strategies are in compliance with applicable regulations, standards, and strategic organizational imperatives.
•   Oversees or monitors key strategic and/or operational risk management activities and deviations from expected outcomes
•   Leads or provides key inputs into the company's enterprise risk management process and ensures alignment with the organizational mission, goals and objectives
Best Cities: New York, NY, San Francisco, CA, Washington, DC , Chicago, IL, Boston, MA, Los Angeles, CA, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, Atlanta, GA, Seattle, WA, Philadelphia, PA2

Selected Job Titles from our executive Financial Crime and Compliance Management Alumni

  • ::  Senior Fraud Analyst
  • ::  Manager, Risk & Compliance
  • ::  Director, Enterprise Risk Management
  • ::  Vice President, Fraud Prevention & Detection
  • ::  Investigations Group Manager
  • ::  Anti Money Laundering Officer
  • ::  Supervisory Special Agent

In choosing to earn a Masters in Financial Crime and Compliance Management, you will be entering into a demanding career. A strong sense of integrity will be essential in maintaining an ethical investigative career in finance.

Graduates of this degree program are entering what O*NET—a part of the U.S. Department of Labor—has designated a "Bright Outlook" occupation because of its status as a new and emerging occupation1.

Evolve your professional skills in the critical field of economic crime with our Executive Master of Science in Financial Crime and Compliance Management online. Request More Information or call us today 315.732.2640 or toll-free at 866.295.3106 to speak with a Program Manager.

1O*NET Online Bright Outlook Occupations: Financial Examiners, Investigators and Analysts;
Risk Management Specialists

2Information from RIMS 2013 Risk Management Compensation Survey, and