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Financial Crimes Investigator Certificate Courses

The six courses in the online Financial Crime Investigator Certificate are designed to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to identify and fight financial crimes through information security, fraud prevention and detection.

CRJ 334 -– Economic Crime Investigation (3 Credits)
White collar crime in the United States. Emphasizes investigatory techniques related to these types of crime.

CRJ 343 –- Law of Economic Crime (3 Credits)
Government and judicial regulations of financial institutions, commercial entities, their agents and employees in relation to economic and business crime. Constitutional issues in investigations by governmental and corporate entities in both a substantive and procedural context.

CRJ 347 –- Fraud Detection & Prevention Technologies (3 Credits)
Use of technologies in the investigation of financial crimes, including fraud examination and detection, data mining, link analysis, neural networks, statistical analysis, and pattern recognition.

CRJ 354 –- Payment Systems & Fraud (3 Credits)
Procedures and techniques employed in the commission of fraud pertaining to payment systems (e.g., credit card fraud) and investigative methods/technologies used to control, deter and prevent frauds of this type.

CRJ 365 –- Advanced Issues in Economic Crime (3 Credits)
An in-depth examination of theory and methodology relating to economic crimes , including money laundering and counter terrorist financing scenarios.

ACC 406 –- Forensic Accounting & Fraud Auditing (3 Credits)
Integration of accounting, auditing and fraud investigative skills. Resolution of accounting "irregularities." Use of auditing case studies for analyzing documents and internal controls, tracing funds, examining business interruption losses and preserving and preparing evidence.

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