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Fraud Prevention and Detection Concentration

Online Bachelor of Science in Fraud and Financial Crime Investigation

Economic crimes and criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Fraud investigators must have expert skills and specific knowledge to root out perpetrators of financial crimes, as well as to assess potential areas of organizational vulnerability where they might strike.

While fraud and other economic crimes are a constant concern of many organizations, the global financial crisis of 2008-2009 has resulted in increased activity that continues today even though the economy is growing and stock markets are rebounding. Fraud statistics are on the rise, partly because regulatory pressure, SOX compliance, and fraud awareness and reporting are up, but it's also certainly because of corporate malfeasance.

In fact, in its 2013-2014 Annual Global Fraud Report, Kroll reported that, "Overall, 70% of companies reported suffering from at least one type of fraud in the last year."1 One of the key findings of the report was that "Fraud remains an inside job, but so does its recovery", underscoring the demand for specially-trained professionals who can uncover fraud and other economic crimes such as corruption, money laundering, regulatory breaches, misappropriation of company funds, intellectual property theft, market collusion and information theft.

The Fraud Prevention and Detection concentration of the online Bachelor's in Fraud and Financial Crime Investigation trains you to spot potential deception and help organizations protect themselves from internal economic crimes. You will learn to identify suspicious behavior and patterns, collect and analyze evidence, develop skills in interviewing and interrogation techniques, become familiar with guidelines for compiling information and preserving evidence, and build an understanding of government regulations and laws related to economic and financial crimes.

Fraud Prevention and Detection Concentration Curriculum

Take courses in:

  • ::  Fraud Prevention and Detection
    • ::  Technologies
    • ::  Techniques
    • ::  Payment Systems
    • ::  Compliance Operations
  • ::  Economic Crime
    • ::  Theory, Investigation, Advanced Issues
  • ::  Criminology
    • ::  Principles, Research Methods, Legal Issues
  • ::  Electives
    • ::  Related to Criminal Justice, Organized Crime, Banking or Ethics

View the online BS in Fraud and Financial Crime Investigation: Fraud Prevention and Detection curriculum.

How does the Fraud Prevention and Detection Concentration Differ from the Financial Investigation Concentration?

The two concentrations have similar requirements to complete and next-step graduate degree path. Where they differ, however, is in their focus, learning outcomes and career paths one might pursue. Check out this table comparing the fraud and financial crime investigation concentrations.

Sample Job Titles:

  • ::  Fraud Detection Specialist
  • ::  Risk Analyst
  • ::  SIU (Special Investigations Unit) Consultant
  • ::  Counter Fraud Consultant
  • ::  Compliance Specialist
  • ::  Fraud Solutions Manager
  • ::  Claims Investigator
  • ::  Compliance Audit Manager

The need for individuals trained in fraud detection and prevention is growing in both the public and private sectors. With nearly three-quarters of all enterprises experiencing and reporting fraud each year, the need for qualified candidates to fulfill job roles like these is urgent and the compensation is on par with the skills required. The average annual salaries for positions like these range from $36,000 - $76,000, with the higher end of the range being targeted toward individuals with more work experience, greater responsibility, or in more competitive geographic locations and markets.

Find out how you can help meet demand with the Fraud Detection and Prevention concentration of Utica's online bachelor's in Fraud and Financial Crime Investigation: call us at (866) 295-3106 to speak with a Program Manager or request more information.