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Health Administration Careers

Professional Outcomes of the MHA in Health Care Administration

Whether you're looking for a new career in health care or want to advance your current position, Utica's online MHA in Health Care Administration program will give you the education, training, and experience necessary to obtain management- and executive-level positions within health care administration.

Health care administration is a vitally important role in the world of health care. The health care sector needs individuals who can oversee accountability with insurance companies, assist in the transition to paperless records, implement and alter policies in the face of new laws and regulations, advocate for patients, and recruit employees. In other words, the evolving role of human resources and administration in health care means employers are looking for versatile medical and health services managers who can act as project managers in the health sector. Utica College provides the education and resources aspiring leaders need to succeed in this growing field.

Health care administration positions will grow at a rate of 23% from 2012 through 2022 because of the expansion and diversification of the industry, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics1. The BLS also reports that the average yearly salary for medical and health services managers in 2014 was $103,680. Health care administration salaries are expected to rise in accordance with the growing demand for qualified health services managers. The earning potential and number of career options is highest for those who hold advanced degrees in health care administration. A master's degree in Health Care Administration can also prepare administration professionals for high-paying executive positions in the health care field.

While the hospital sector will have the largest employment base, it will grow slower due to the growth of clinics and outpatient care. Fortunately, there is a growing need for qualified health care administrators in other sectors of the medical field. That's why Utica's graduate Health Care Administration degree provides specific specialization tracks to prepare students for a wide range of careers in health care administration.

Graduates of the master's in health care administration program find employment in a variety of places, such as:

  • ::  Hospitals
  • ::  Hospices
  • ::  Medical clinics
  • ::  Government health care agencies
  • ::  Insurance companies
  • ::  Health care research institutions
  • ::  Nursing homes, Rehabilitation Centers, Convalescent Homes
  • ::  Higher Education
  • ::  Nonprofit human service, e.g. United Way, Red Cross, Disability Organizations, etc.

An online degree in Health Care Administration from Utica College will help diversify your skills and give you a competitive edge over fellow job seekers and health care management candidates. Those individuals who combine a high level of education with appropriate experience will benefit from this growing sector-which is why our graduates have gone on to achieve tremendous success as health care administration professionals.

Check out the career outlook for each health care administration specialization area: Acute Care, Service Organizations, and Long Term Care.

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