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Health Care Alumni Capstones

Capstones demonstrate how our students apply classroom study to solve
real world issues in their community

Learn about the research our Health Care Administration alumni have undertaken in these publications.

"The Power of Social Marketing: Concept and Application to Sustain Positive Health Behaviors" - Maria E. DeStefano

This report captures the origins of social marketing and discusses the methodologies of commercial marketing, its foundation. Relevant behavior-related tools and techniques, which have successfully supported commercial marketing for many decades, and more recently social marketing, are described so they are understood and appropriately used. The tools and techniques are especially meaningful for social marketers, to truly understand the target consumer-participants and tailor effective behavior-change messaging. The research found evidence that social marketing is under-utilized, especially in the U.S. Recommendations are accordingly made to increase awareness and knowledge of social marketing among practitioners who in turn can increase awareness, acceptance and broaden use. The capstone report shows how thoughtful and well-designed social marketing programs can be used to change as well as sustain positive health behaviors of target group individuals and societies... [Read More]

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