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Management (MBA): Career Outlook

Join the next generation of business leaders.

Utica University’s ACBSP-accredited Management (MBA) is designed to meet the needs of the modern business world and provide you with the skills organizations seek in their leaders. Through just two years of part-time study, you’ll gain the real-world, application-based knowledge that today’s market demands.

Our online Management (MBA) has a variety of specializations so you can tailor your learning to your career goals and enter the marketplace with both business fundamentals and specific knowledge. Plus, we’ve designed this 100-percent online Management (MBA) to be as flexible as possible. You’ll fit your studies around your current career and life with ease.



As your company’s chief financial officer, you’re the senior executive responsible for managing every aspect of its financial actions. That includes financial planning, tracking cash flow, analyzing your company’s strengths and weaknesses, and proposing correctives. You’d also manage the accounting and finance divisions and ensure financial reports are correct and on time.2,3



As a marketing director, you would lead strategizing and implementing your company’s (or your client’s) marketing campaigns. You’d ensure your team’s projects are not only profitable, but on schedule. You could either work in-house, or for a marketing agency with many clients. You would be responsible for understanding where your client or company fits in the marketplace and how you can stay competitive.4,5

Additional roles for MBA earners:

  • Senior Financial Analyst ($74,525/year)6
  • Senior Accountant ($65,638/year)7
  • Director of Operations ($88,798/year)8
  • Business Development Manager ($71,017/year)9

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Specializations: Stand Out From Other Management (MBA) Grads

By choosing one of our career-focused MBA specializations, you’ll set yourself apart from the competition and enter a career serving an organization’s business needs.

Management (MBA): Business Analytics

Specialize your Management MBA with a focus on business analytics. Use theoretical models in the collection, design, and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data, and the real-world process of creating and implementing solutions based on that data.

Management (MBA): Entrepreneurship

Specialize your MBA in entrepreneurship. This customized program is ideal for strategic early-career or mid-career professionals who are motivated to bring a communication, information, or media business idea to fruition.

Management (MBA): Finance/Accounting

Specialize your MBA and explore economic forces, how they relate to profitability and growth, and gain an introduction to managerial accounting and contemporary issues in cost management.

Management (MBA): Health Care Management

Specialize your MBA in Health Care Management and graduate ready for the challenges of patient-centered care, plus gain a thorough understanding of the complex ethical and legal issues involved from an organizational level.

Management (MBA): General Track

Build your own specialization with the MBA: General Track and explore your professional interests through a selection of elective courses.

Key Skills Employers Need

Beyond the Degree

We have the tools to help you make your next career move:

One-on-One Mentors

Work with your program director and professors for professional mentorship and support.

Job Search Assistance

Build your résumé, do mock interviews, and find new opportunities in your area.

Career Counseling

Have our experts review your résumé and LinkedIn and learn to stand out from the crowd.


Register for events, create a visual profile for employers, and apply for jobs and internships through our online portal.


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