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Management MBA: Business Analytics Specialization

Put the Power of Data at Your Fingertips

ACBSP Accredited

Hands-On Experience With Data Analytics

Industry-Experienced Faculty

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  • Duration 2 years
  • Cost per Credit $700
  • Credit Hours 30

Program Benefits

  • No GRE/GMAT required
  • Forward-thinking curriculum
  • 100% online coursework

Meet the Demand for Data Skills

Utica University’s online Management (MBA) with the Business Analytics specialization allows you to expand your knowledge in business while also learning techniques and software that help data scientists interpret and apply research findings to solve real-world business problems.

From smartphones and emails to loyalty cards and social networking, the amount of data we generate in the U.S. increases year after year. The Business Analytics specialization helps you sift through that data to find insights as an analytics professional. The curriculum focuses on two aspects of the data science field: the use of theoretical models to collect, design, and analyze data and the process of creating and implementing data solutions.

Learn to think with data and apply what you learn to projects you lead within your organization by understanding the power of data and the limits of data analysis.

Career Outlook

According to MarTech, the digital universe has 2.7 zettabytes of unstructured data.1 In the U.S., spending on big data projects in 2018 was projected to reach $114 billion.2 Plus, with continued trends coming our way, like artificial intelligence, multi-cloud strategies, natural-language processing, and data quality management, we can expect career opportunities to grow for analytics professionals.3


As a business analyst, you could be responsible for bridging the gap between IT and the business. You’ll use data analytics to assess processes, determine requirements, and deliver data-driven recommendations to improve systems, products, services, and software for the organization. In 2018, business analysts earned an average annual salary of $81,7034


As a data analytics manager, you might develop and implement comprehensive tools and strategies that interpret raw data into business insights. You could lead cross-functional projects and help maintain the data models, reporting systems and dashboards of an organization. In 2018, data analytics managers earned an average annual salary of $185,889.5

Other titles you may qualify for:

  • Management Consultant
  • Operations Research Analyst
  • Management Analyst
Jobs and Income

Curriculum: Delve Into Data Analysis Process

The Business Analytics specialization curriculum features hands-on projects that encompass the whole data analysis process—from data acquisition and wrangling to analysis and communication of conclusions and solutions. You’ll understand data in a way that tells a story to make necessary business decisions that can significantly impact your organization.

Course Spotlight: DSC 607 – Data Mining

Gain an overview of statistical modeling that involves multivariate analysis. You’ll examine approaches that aim to explain both continuous and discrete outcome variables through ordinarily least squares regression and logistic regression. You’ll also learn dimensional analysis techniques such as exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis.

Explore Courses

Course Spotlight: DSC 611 – Data Visualization

Learn to design, administer, and analyze results from survey research. You’ll examine common problems in survey research, knowledge of alternative modes of administration, pre-testing methods, sampling techniques, and questionnaire construction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Advancing your life and career with an online degree comes with lots of questions, and we want to ensure your search for answers is effortless. If you have a question we haven’t covered, call (866) 295-3106 to speak with an enrollment counselor.

You can complete the MBA program in just 2 years. To see the curriculum, view our courses page.

The total estimated tuition for the MBA is $21,000. You can review all tuition costs here.

Utica University’s (formerly Utica College) MBA program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). ACBSP’s student-centered teaching and learning approach, which is measured and analyzed for quality, ensures that students gain the right skills from their educational investment. Institutions with programs accredited by ACBSP are committed to continuous improvement that ensures their business program will give students the skills employers want.

The first step toward applying for the MBA program is to start your application. Then, you should start to gather required application materials such as a personal statement, two letters of recommendation, official transcripts, and a résumé. You can learn more about admission to the MBA here.

You’ll complete 10 courses in the MBA business core, and the remaining number of courses will depend on the specialization you select. You can review courses now.

Yes, you can choose to complete this program 100% online or in a blended format through recorded lectures and in-person or live virtual classrooms. This flexibility gives you the opportunity to get immediate instructor feedback in live sessions, 24/7 access to material through online content, and the ability to learn when and where it’s convenient for you. Read more about the MBA.

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