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David Smith – Faculty Blogger

David Smith

Professor of Practice
Program: MS Cybersecurity, MPS Cyber Policy and Risk Analysis

Ambassador David J. Smith is Professor of Practice for Cyber Policy at Utica College. He is also Director of the Georgian Security Analysis Center in Tbilisi, Georgia and Principal at Cyberlight Global Associates, LLC.

In these roles, he builds on a 30 year career in international relations, including the US Air Force, Intelligence Community, Defense and State Departments, both houses of Congress and extensive think tank experience. His diplomatic experience includes multilateral, alliance-to-alliance and bilateral negotiations. He has worked in Georgia for twelve years, first as the US Member of the International Security Advisory Board, and then as an adviser to various Georgian Government agencies. In 2006, he founded the Georgian Security Analysis Center at the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies. From 1989 until the demise of the Soviet Union, he was US Ambassador at the US-Soviet Defense and Space talks. He holds degrees from the University of Arizona, London School of Economics and Harvard University.

Intelligence is a global jigsaw puzzle, but bigger than any rainy-day pastime that one can buy in a box. There are more than 24,000 pieces—the biggest puzzle available on Amazon—and there is no picture on the box cover. Read, read, read, we tell our CYB-610 students. Read More

We had a great online discussion in Utica College’s CYB-633, Critical Infrastructures and National Security. I told the group that I had combined our discussions of industrial control systems (ISCs) and cyber terrorism because it seemed to me, ICSs are the crown jewels for online terrorists. Of course, there are plenty of malicious things that someone could do with other aspects of computers and networks, but to instill intense fear, attacks on ICSs are the most likely cyber avenue. Read More