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Electronic Crime Specialization

MS in Cybersecurity

Utica College's M.S. in Cybersecurity - Electronic Crime specialization introduces those students with a cybersecurity background to the realm of fraud at a managerial level. Students will learn applications pertaining to the practices of fraud risk and compliance, as well as applicable fraud management technologies.

The electronic crime specialization educates students on current issues and trends pertaining to financial crime and compliance management, white collar crime investigation, and fraud prevention and detection. The confluence of cybersecurity and financial crime investigation cannot be denied. Modern criminals use cyber tools and techniques and advanced malware to commit advanced high-technology crimes. These crimes result in the loss of substantial amounts of money and have a serious effect on business, government, individuals and the national economy. Today’s information-intensive organizations are in desperate need of employees who understand both cybersecurity and financial crime investigation.

Electronic Crime Curriculum Learning Objectives

  1. Apply the principles, tools and technologies from fraud management, fraud detection and fraud analysis to cybercrime and fraud-related incidents.
  2. Propose and use fraud management techniques to mitigate cybercrime and fraud.
  3. Apply knowledge from legal and regulatory disciplines to situations involving cybercrime and fraud.
  4. Propose and use risk and compliance principles and processes to cybercrime and fraud-related incidents.

Boost Your Cyber Fraud Career

The electronic crime specialization is particularly valuable for professionals in banking and other financial institutions. The curriculum also support careers such as these listed below and span any industry from healthcare to insurance:

  • ::  Anti Money Laundering (AML) Specialist
  • ::  Fraud Examiner or Fraud Analyst
  • ::  Risk Analyst
  • ::  Compliance Specialist
  • ::  Cybercrime Investigator
  • ::  Cyber Fraud Investigator
  • ::  Law Enforcement

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