Master of Science in Data Science: Career Outlook

Prepare for Big Data's big opportunities.

With your Master of Science in Data Science from Utica College, you'll have the technical skills to analyze data and the know-how to turn that information into action.

  • Data Scientist ranked #1 job in America for opportunity, salary, job satisfaction1
  • Top 25% of entry-level data scientists earn $110,000 annually2
  • 28% projected growth in job opportunities by 2020, with 250,000 unfilled job openings by 20243,4

It's no wonder this combination of skills is in such high and growing demand. You'll have the skills to translate data into:

  • Informed business decisions that increase profits
  • Responsive policymaking to improve people's lives
  • Effective cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive infrastructure

Even better, as you make a positive impact, you'll earn a top salary: In 2018, the median salary for an entry-level data scientist was $92,500 with the top 25 percent earning $110,000.2

There are many applications for an M.S. in Data Science across the business, nonprofit, and governmental sectors. In fact, by 2021, a whopping 69 percent of employers will be looking for data science and analytics skills.2

Operations Research Analyst


Operations research analysts analyze data in order to identify problems and find solutions in the day-to-day logistics and operational routine of a business or organization.5

Cybersecurity Analyst


Cybersecurity analysts keep a watchful eye on the traffic of sensitive data. Whether in a corporate or governmental setting, these data guards analyze incoming and outgoing data to ensure systems are secure and running smoothly.6

Market Research Analyst


Market research analysts dive into the potential market for new products and services. Their findings help companies reduce risk and enter the market with confidence.7

Public Health Analyst


Putting data to work in service of public well-being, public health analysts dig into available research or gather their own data in order to inform policy, health care, or other high-impact social programs.8

Computer and Information Research Scientist


Computer and information research scientists help address business challenges by translating data into a usable, contextual resource for decision-makers.9

Additional roles for graduates of the M.S. in Data Science program:

  • Chief Data Officer
  • Health Information Analyst
  • Social Science Analyst
  • Database Administrator

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          Key Skills Employers Need

          • Identify appropriate methods for data analysis

          • Apply relevant quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques

          • Demonstrate primary data collection techniques

          • Access and process secondary data sources

          • Interpret, communicate, and apply findings

          • Evaluate data science regarding ethics, social responsibility, and bias

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