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Acute Care Specialization

MHA in Health Care Administration

What is Acute Care

Acute care involves the assessment and treatment of sudden or unexpected injuries and illnesses that are considered life threatening. Saving lives is the primary objective for acute care practitioners, which is why acute care facilities require highly skilled administrators who can ensure that things continue to run smoothly so the medical staff can focus all of their attention and energy on providing life-saving treatment. If you have the desire to work in a fast-paced environment where your management and leadership skills will help save lives, an MHA in Health Care Administration with a focus in Acute Care might be the advanced health care degree you've been looking for.

Students interested in pursuing a career in this field may choose to follow the acute care curriculum specialization of the Master's in Health Care Administration online program. This specialization allows students to choose from courses designed to provide specific skills necessary for a career in acute care administration. And because the degree is offered 100 percent online, students can obtain the skills needed to be a health care administrator without sacrificing their responsibilities to work and family.

Acute Care Curriculum

The curriculum of the MHA in Health Care Administration Acute Care Specialization addresses the primary concepts needed for administrative careers in hospitals and other acute care facilities, including:

  • ::  Technology planning and implementation
  • ::  Financial management, accounting, and analysis
  • ::  Health care staffing and medical personnel development
  • ::  Management and leadership in health care

Each student will complete the following acute care electives in addition to the main HCA curriculum:

Acute Care Careers

As the landscape of the health care industry changes, acute care administrators with the ability to apply critical thinking and creativity to guide health care organizations will be in high demand. Utica College provides the specialized training and education needed for a successful career in acute care management or administration. It's no surprise that a number of our graduates have gone on to be leaders in health care administration, and you can too.

Graduates of Utica's College's MHA in Health Care Administration who specialize in acute care can pursue a number of different health services careers, including:

  • ::  Direct Care Coordinator
  • ::  Acute Care Case Manager
  • ::  Informatics Director
  • ::  Planning Coordinator
  • ::  Ancillary Services Director
  • ::  Medical Care Manager
  • ::  Information Technology Leader
  • ::  HR Vice President
  • ::  Facilities Manager

Acute Services Administrator Average Salary

According to, the salary for health care administrators ranges between $48,000 and $177,000 per year. Administrative professionals who have received specialized training are typically among the highest earners, especially in acute care settings where demand is high and competition is fierce.

Hospital Administrator 2018 Average Salary

Hospital Administrator (United States)
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If you are interested in an administrative career in health care and want to support those who have dedicated their practice to saving lives, consider earning your masters in Health Care Administration with a focus in acute care management. To learn more about the online Health Care Administration master's degree, request more information or call us at 315.732.2640 or toll-free at 866.295.3106.