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Long Term Care Specialization

MHA in Health Care Administration

There are currently over 16,000 nursing care facilities in the United States serving more than 1.4 million residents. These facilities require skilled administrators to oversee daily operations and responsibilities such as patient admissions, staffing and medical billing. In 2014, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the nursing care facility industry was the third largest employer of medical and health services managers in the U.S. The BLS also expects the number of nursing home administration jobs to grow at a substantially faster rate than the average increase projected for other health care administration positions.

For students who wish to pursue a career in nursing home administration, the specialized curriculum of the MHA in Health Care Administration master's program provides the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in a long term care services role.

Long Term Care Curriculum

The curriculum of the MHA in Health Care Administration Nursing Home Administration specialization prepares students to manage the planning, organizing, staffing, directing, controlling, quality improvement and financials of nursing homes and long-term care facilities. Students will also prepare themselves to take the NHA exam following graduation to become licensed Nursing Home Administrators.

To follow this specialization, students can choose the following classes:

In addition to the courses listed above, students who intend to pursue their nursing home administration licensure in states such as New York are required to take additional courses as part of their health care administration master's curriculum. Required NHA course work includes:

Nursing home administration license requirements can vary from state to state, so potential applicants should check with their states' licensing agency or contact an Admissions Representative at (315) 732-2640 or toll-free (866) 295-3106 to verify the necessary coursework for their state's licensure requirements.

Long Term Care Careers

As Baby Boomers age and retire, the need for caring and knowledgeable nursing home administrators and long term care service providers will continue to grow. Graduates who complete the nursing home administration specialization of the Master's in Health Care Administration can pursue roles in the long term care industry including:

  • ::  Nursing Home Administrator
  • ::  Director of Nursing Services
  • ::  Facilities Manager
  • ::  Marketing Director
  • ::  Program Leader
  • ::  Medical Care Manager
  • ::  Ancillary Services Director
  • ::  Quality/Compliance Officer
  • ::  HR Director
  • ::  Informatics Manager
  • ::  Planning Director

Nursing Home Administrator Average Salary

Nursing home management positions are among the highest paying jobs in health care administration. According to, the salary for nursing home administrators ranges from $80,536 to $123,363. Obtaining your MHA in Health Care Administration and earning your NHA license can help you be among the top wage earners in the health care administration field.

Nursing Home Administrator 2018 Average Salary

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If you're interested in becoming a nursing home administrator, Utica College can help. For more information about the online Health Care Administration master's degree and long term care specialization, Request More Information or call us at (315) 732-2640 or toll-free at (866) 295-3106.