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Service Organization Specialization

MHA in Health Care Administration

Students interested in working for government, corporate, insurance or research companies and agencies in the health care field may choose to follow the service organizations specialization of the online health care administration master's program. This degree is ideal for anyone interested in improving patient care and health care delivery by managing organizational change within the administrative side of health care.

Utica's online MHA in Health Care Administration Service Organization specialization will prepare students to apply organizational development theories and oversee change directives to improve the quality of care for patients, streamline health care delivery systems and enhance daily health care operations. Organizational leaders are highly sought after by various agencies and organizations within the health care sector, and Utica College can help you start (or advance) your career in this growing field of health care administration.

Service Organization Curriculum

The curriculum of the MHA in Health Care Administration Service Organization specialization teaches students to analyze health care organizational structures, culture and processes, and to utilize organizational change tools and methods in practical applications. Students will also learn how to apply multidisciplinary health care leadership models to implement successful organizational development plans within hospitals, public health agencies, pharmaceutical companies, medical research facilities and other sectors within the health industry.

To follow this specialization, students can choose the following classes:

Service Organization Careers

As the landscape of the health care industry changes, administrators with the ability to apply critical thinking and creativity to guide health care organizations will be in high demand. Graduates who complete the service organization specialization of the Master's in Health Care Administration can pursue roles in the government, corporate, insurance, or research sector, including:

  • ::  Compliance Officer
  • ::  Research Director
  • ::  Clinical Project Manager
  • ::  Public Health Administrator
  • ::  Insurance Investigation Executive
  • ::  Grant Administrator
  • ::  Informatics Engineer
  • ::  Health Organization Vice President
  • ::  Wellness Center Director
  • ::  Claims Management Director

Service Organization Administrator Average Salary

According to national salary data from, the salary for service organization administrators ranges between $39,708 and $90,542. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the number of administrative services manager positions to increase by 12% until 2022. Health care change management experts can expect to increase their lifetime earning potential by completing advanced studies, such as the MHA in Health Care Administration program.

Public Health Administrator 2018 Average Salary

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Do you want to pursue a career in health care management? Do you want to advance your current position in health care administration? Do you want to lead changes in the health care system that will improve patient care and safety? For more information about the online Health Care Administration master's degree with a focus in service organization and management, Request More Information or call us at (315) 732-2640 or toll-free at (866) 295-3106.