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MS in Nursing — Frequently Asked Questions

How long does each Master’s in Nursing program take to complete?

The time the program takes to complete depends on several factors including, how many credits you need to complete your degree, and the number of credits you take each 16 week semester.

  • ::  Students taking 6 credits per 16 week semester, could complete the program in
    • MS - FNP (48 credits): 32 months
      MS - Nursing Leadership (35 credits): 24 months
      MS - Nursing Education (42 credits): 28 months
  • Contact us for more information about an Accelerated graduate Nursing program option.

How long do I have to finish my degree?
You have six-years to complete the program.  

Are there any entrance exams required for the program?

Are there any prerequisites/requirements for this program?
The admission requirements for the MS in Nursing program can be found here.

What accreditation does the program have?
The master's degree program in nursing at Utica College is pursuing initial accreditation by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, ( Applying for accreditation does not guarantee that accreditation will be granted.

Are there any campus visits/residencies/internships/practicums required?
Each program option requires completion of a specific number of practicum hours to build real-world experience and demonstrate excellence as follows:

MS - FNP: The Family Nurse Practitioner Program mandates an in-person, 3-day (Fri - Sun) immersion experience and 720 practicum hours.

  • ::  Immersion Experience
    • After completing NUR 611 Advanced Health Assessment & Diagnostic Reasoning and prior to commencing practicum the family nurse practitioner students will attend immersion weekend. This weekend will provide the student with an observed, hands-on experience conducting a comprehensive history and physical exam in a simulated clinical setting. Additionally, lectures and hands-on lab experiences are provided to focus on: CXR interpretation, gender examinations, suturing, orthopedic splinting and advanced oto/ophthalmic assessments. You also have the opportunity to meet with the practicum coordination team to assist in planning your practicum experience and to become familiar with Typhoon, the practicum log.
  • ::  Practicum
    • Once you satisfactorily complete: NUR 611 Advanced Health Assessment & Diagnostic Reasoning; NUR 995 Nurse Practitioner Immersion Weekend; and the health requirements, you obtain clearance from the clinical coordinator to begin practicum. The clinical coordinator will approve practicum sites, facilitate student-malpractice and practicum-site contracts.

MS - Nursing Leadership Practicum There are 180 practicum hours, divided between two classes, dedicated to working with nursing leaders.

  • ::  NUR 631 Nursing Leadership Theory & Practice I
    • An observed-leadership practicum with an experienced nurse leader. You develop advanced-practice nurse-leader skills associated with organizational management theory, analytical skills, collaboration and decision-making and develop a leadership project with an experienced nurse leader.
  • ::  NUR 632 Nursing Leadership Theory & Practice II
    • An observed leadership practicum with an experienced nurse leader. You build on the knowledge of organizational leadership and quality improvement as you integrate advanced knowledge and skills into practical applications in the role of a nurse leader and implement a leadership project with an experienced nurse leader.

MS - Nursing Education Practicum

There are 180 practicum hours, divided between two classes, dedicated to working with nurse educators.

  • ::  NUR 617 Curriculum Development & Implementation (3 credits didactic & 1 credit practicum/ population specific).
    • Focus on curriculum design, content organization, and planning for curriculum development. The issues and procedures involved in designing and implementing curricula will be discussed and you develop and implement a learning project with a target population.
  • ::  NUR 624 Teaching Learning Practicum (2 credits didactic with 1 credit practicum/ institution specific)
    • Examine and implement the nurse educator role in relation to academia, health care organizations and the profession of nursing.

Can I transfer on-line or on-campus credits from other institutions?
As an institution of higher learning, Utica College strives to protect the integrity of its degree offerings. A maximum of six graduate credits graded B or higher from a regionally accredited institution may be applied to a Utica College graduate program at the time of matriculation. The credits must have been completed within six years of the initial date of matriculation at Utica College and must be equivalent to the courses being replaced. Both the program director or chair and the school dean must give written approval for the acceptance of transfer credits via the Graduate Transfer Credit Form.

Can I take classes before I am accepted to the program?
Students who hold baccalaureate degrees from regionally accredited institutions may take graduate courses without being accepted into a degree-awarding program and are considered non-matriculated. A maximum of six credit hours can be taken as a non-matriculated student. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Graduate coursework taken while in non-degree status may be applicable to the degree program upon formal admission; however, there is no guarantee of credit applicability or admission by completing coursework in non-degree status.

Can I work while obtaining my graduate nursing degree?
One of the main benefits to earning your degree in an online program is the flexibility it allows you to structure coursework according to your work/life commitments, and many of our students continue to work fulltime. Those in the FNP program may find it easier to work part-time as they enter the clinical portion of the program, but all students have the opportunity to offset heavier and lighter course loads from one semester to the next to find optimum balance.  

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