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Learn Critical Skills in the Online MS in Nursing program.

You’re empowered to create a dynamic, enriching career with the complex nursing and critical thinking skills practiced in the online nursing master’s program at Utica College.

When you complete the degree you can:

  • :: Analyze, design, implement, and evaluate nursing care
  • :: Demonstrate leadership when you initiate, maintain, and exhibit skills in care coordination, delegation, and conflict resolution strategies.
  • :: Promote safe, high-quality care through your ability to monitor, analyze, and prioritize outcomes that need to be improved for individuals, families, communities and clinical populations.
  • :: Use critical reflection to translate evidence and integrate scholarship into advanced nursing practice.
  • :: Incorporate current technologies to deliver and coordinate care across multiple settings.
  • :: Promote health, help shape the health-delivery system, and advance values like social justice through policy processes and advocacy.
  • :: Actively collaborate with other health professionals to improve care across systems.
  • :: Design and ensure the delivery of clinical prevention interventions and population-based care that promotes health, reduces the risk of chronic illness, and prevents disease.
  • :: Facilitate commitment to a culture of nursing excellence through lifelong personal and professional development.

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