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The MBA That Combines Online Learning with Blended Application


The MBA program at Utica College is designed to meet the needs and educational demands of today's students and transform them into tomorrow's business leaders. The program is built on three core tenants — format, specialization, and innovation of the business core. Each offers you a distinct advantage, as well as positions you for a successful, sustainable career in the global marketplace.


Blended Format: Anywhere, Anytime Learning

Utica College's blended MBA learning approach, sometimes referred to as a flex MBA, is progressively designed and allows you to learn through multiple modalities — in person, online, or through a combination of both. You'll gain immediate access to all online courses, recorded lectures, and course materials, as well as stay connected to the in-classroom experience by participating in live sessions.

Traveling for business and cannot make a session — catch up later using the course archive. Working on a case study with your group — login to the online course shell and use connective technologies to seamlessly collaborate with your global team on the optimal solution.

Live Classroom Benefits

  • ::  Attend in person or virtually through real-time synchronous sessions online
  • ::  Immediate instructor and peer feedback
  • ::  Immersive learning in a team-based environment

See the Live MBA Classroom in action

Recorded Lecture Benefits

  • ::  24/7 access to all instructor led sessions
  • ::  Reinforce concepts taught online
  • ::  Gain supplemental learning materials
  • ::  Valuable tool in test preparation

Online Benefits

  • ::  24/7 access to all course materials and coursework
  • ::  Additional flexibility with asynchronous format
  • ::  Enhance engagement with peers and professor via learning management platform

You can participate in synchronous (face-to-face or live online) learning by either attending the class on campus or by joining that class remotely using a personal computer or tablet. The user-friendly online learning platform eliminates technology barriers so you can concentrate on listening, learning and responding. You'll have real-time interaction with professors and peers on case studies, discussions, course materials and more. This state-of-the-art learning platform is available globally anywhere, anytime — all you need is internet access and appropriate hardware/software.

Career-Ready Specializations

Utica College's MBA incorporates real-world scenario simulation as well as actual business application to create an exceptional outcomes-focused graduate program, designed for relevance in today's business world. The program offers these market-leading specializations:

  • ::  Finance/Accounting
  • ::  Insurance & Risk Management (IRM)
  • ::  Cybersecurity
  • ::  Cyber Policy
  • ::  Data Analytics
  • ::  Entrepreneurship
  • ::  Health Care Management
  • ::  General

Each specialization is designed to convey practical, relevant skill sets that will establish you as an enlightened leader with the breadth of knowledge necessary for data-driven, results-oriented decision making.

If your interests span multiple specializations, the General option allows you to customize your elective curriculum by selecting any combination of four graduate level courses offered. This is just another example of how Utica College's online MBA program is engineered with your professional aspirations in mind — whatever your goals may be, this blended MBA puts them within reach.

An Innovative Core

Utica College's MBA core curriculum provides you with the foundation on which to build your future career success. Unlike other MBAs that have a more traditional and rather dated core, Utica College's core curriculum was constructed with a fresh, innovative and current industry perspective. You are able to immediately apply what you learn upon completion of a course and instantly impress your employer, customers or clients. A complete summary of course descriptions can be found here.

Courses in the core and related coursework address the needs of business today, as well as where business is going in the future, and are ideal for a mid-career, experienced professional wanting to take that next step — you. Discover how this distinct and market-ready flex MBA program can help you excel as a graduate business student in the modern world.

Learn More About This Revolutionary MBA

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