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Careers in Fraud Management

Professional Outcomes of the MBA in Fraud Management

Fraud examiners represent a variety of careers and professional backgrounds. Our innovative MBA program will qualify you for leadership positions in private or public sector fraud analysis, fraud investigation, fraud examination, and compliance. Doors are open to you in leadership and research positions in telecommunications, retail, government, and corporate business.

Graduates of this degree program are entering a field for which demand for qualified business professionals with anti-fraud expertise is projected to experience double-digit growth over the next seven years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics1.

Sample job titles and average annual salary median and top-end ranges2:

Sample Job Title

Median Salary

Top-End Salary

Forensic Auditor/Accountant



IRS Tax Examiner



Senior Internal Auditor



Internal Auditing Manager



Law Enforcement Criminal Investigator



Fraud Investigator



Forensic Consultant



Fraud Risk Management Manager



In choosing to earn an MBA degree in Fraud Management, you will be entering into a demanding and competitive career. But as Utica College Fraud Management MBA alumni can attest, having experience in compliance and fraud on your resume, backed by an MBA degree from this small, private university on the forward-edge of anti-fraud education, can spotlight you as a highly qualified candidate and make you stand out in the crowd.

As a candidate in demand, you'll emerge from the MBA program with not only a graduate degree in business fraud management, but you'll have real-world skills that will make you invaluable to your organization.

  • ::  Understanding of Sarbannes-Oxley legislation and other legal issues pertaining to corporate finance, business and economic crimes and criminal liablity of business entities, management and employees
  • ::  Leadership and risk assessment skills to develop, implement and execute anti-fraud business strategies
  • ::  A strong sense of integrity essential to maintaining an ethical investigative career in finance
  • ::  An interdisciplinary approach to driving corporate security initiatives within a broader organizational ecosystem, working collaboratively with marketing, human resources, sales, procurement and other departments in which episodic economic crime and systemic fraud often occur.

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