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Fraud Program Curriculum

The following courses comprise the online MBA in Fraud Management program and serve to provide a solid foundation to pursue a career as a top-notch leader in the fraud industry.

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Business Core (18 Credit Hours)Credit Hours
ECN 610Managerial Economics3
FIN 601Advanced Financial Management3
MGT 610Core Topics in Management3
ACC 605Financial Reporting and Analysis3
MGT 619Strategic Management and Leadership3
ECN 607Quantitative Analysis for Management3
Economic Crime Core (9 Credit Hours)Credit Hours
FCM 535Legal and Regulatory Issues for Fraud Management3
FCM 603Management for Fraud Prevention & Detection3
FCM 604Seminar in Fraud Management3
One of the Following Electives (3 Credit Hours)Credit Hours
FCM 623Advanced Fraud Investigation & Analysis3
FCM 632Information and Communication Security3

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