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Online MBA: Strategically Designed for Real-World Success

Less theory, more application, greater results.

Utica College has a new take on the traditional MBA with a modern, real-world approach to graduate-level business education. The program consists of flexible, tailored coursework based on actual, current business scenarios and case studies. Built around you, this online MBA provides you with unparalleled, relevant skills proven through real-world application, at an affordable price. Utica College does not require that students have an undergraduate business degree or take the GRE/GMAT prior to applying. If you are looking for an affordable MBA that will give you practical business skills, Utica's Master of Business Administration is for you.

ACBSP Accreditation

Global Business AccreditationThis online MBA program is accredited by the ACBSP, the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs. Founded in 1988, the ACBSP is a leading accreditation association for business education that focuses on teaching excellence, student learning outcomes and a continuous improvement model. ACBSP accredits nearly 3,000 programs at over 430 campuses around the world. Its student-centered teaching and learning approach ensures that you will gain the right skills from your educational investment.

An MBA with Options

As an accredited college, Utica remains forward thinking and student-focused. The flexibility of the online MBA program is unprecedented, and offers you the opportunity to structure your business studies in the way that best suits your schedule and learning style. Our mission is to develop the next generation of great business leaders, and we strive to give our students as much flexibility as possible to acquire the skills needed for business success.

Core courses in the MBA program are available 100% online or in a blended format. These blended learning options include:

  • ::  Ability to attend scheduled classes on-campus
  • ::  Ability to attend the virtual classroom to work with other students and teams and interact with the instructor (synchronous)
  • ::  Ability to watch recorded lecture sessions at your discretion (asynchronous)

As a student in the MBA program, you can combine and take advantage of any of the learning options outlined above. This progressive approach allows you to choose the learning format that will maximize your understanding and application of the core material. Coursework, assignments and grading are identical between learning options. There is no mandatory on-campus residency, but students are welcome to attend classes on our beautiful campus in upstate New York.

A Strategically Designed MBA

The program is strategically focused and features intense coursework optimized to build your expertise in several in-demand focus areas. These areas of focus consist of specific advising specializations, as well as a general option that allows you to further customize your graduate business degree.

Designed to provide you with modern, outcomes-based skills that you can apply to your career today, the program includes 30 credit hours of graduate courses: 15 hours in the business core, 12 in your chosen specialization, and 3 credit-hours in the final capstone courses.

The capstone courses center around a business application project conducted using a real-world company. The online MBA's performance-driven approach gives you the knowledge, tools and experience you need to immediately advance your career and lead your organization into the future.

Learn through Real-World Application

Utica College's online MBA has been built around the needs of organizations in today's market to give you the skills and tools to address real business challenges and lead your organization to outstanding success. Our graduates enter the workforce with a deep understanding of the key functions of business and the confidence to meet management and leadership challenges head on.

You will benefit from:

  • ::  Advanced skills in your chosen area of specialization
  • ::  Outcome-focused training in skillsets relevant to your career
  • ::  Leadership assignment with a real-world organization
  • ::  Market strategy simulation tools for authentic business outcomes
  • ::  Affordable online MBA program 

This online ACBSP accredited Master of Business Administration is unique, offering a high caliber of education offered at an unprecedented value to give you the practical skills and proven expertise you need to achieve your career goals.

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Choose an MBA Specialization

Utica College's MBA incorporates modern case studies, real-world scenario simulation as well as actual business application to create an exceptional outcomes-focused graduate program. The core business curriculum at the heart of the MBA program is designed to help students develop business expertise that will make them highly desirable job candidates following graduation. Some of the core business topics and competencies you will study as an MBA student include:

  • ::  Ethical leadership in business
  • ::  Philosophies of leadership and management
  • ::  Cost analysis, budgeting and forecasting
  • ::  Data-driven decision making
  • ::  Global supply and demand
  • ::  Market forces
  • ::  Strategic analysis and planning

To further prepare our students for success in the business world, and to help our graduates stand out in a competitive job market, we have designed the following MBA specializations in accordance with the real-world challenges faced by business professionals in each field:

  • ::  Finance/Accounting
  • ::  Insurance & Risk Management (IRM)
  • ::  Cybersecurity
  • ::  Cyber Policy
  • ::  Data Analytics
  • ::  Entrepreneurship
  • ::  Health Care Management

These online MBA specializations are designed to convey practical, relevant skillsets that will establish you as an enlightened leader with the breadth of knowledge necessary for data-driven, results-oriented decision making. We also offer a General MBA track that allows students to design their own focus of study.

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Online MBA Admissions Criteria

Utica's online MBA is a powerful program tailor-made to give you an advantage over competitors in your field. We constantly examine the current state of business and the skills organizations are looking for in leadership positions, and make sure that our MBA program addresses the challenges faced by modern business leaders and conveys the skills needed for success at the highest levels of business.

To apply for admission, you must meet the following requirements:

  • ::  Bachelor's degree or International equivalent
  • ::  Minimum GPA of 2.7*
  • ::  2 years work experience
  • ::  No GRE or GMAT exam required

*Note, applicants with GPAs below 2.7 who have tenured work experience in management/finance/accounting may be admitted at the discretion of the department.

The market you are in is competitive, but there is immense opportunity waiting for a professional like you with the right skills and the right degree. Utica College can provide you with the skills and degree needed for business success.

Earn your online MBA from an accredited college in a program that is tailored to maximize your success. Request more information or call us at 315.732.2640 or toll free at 866.295.3106 to learn more about Utica's distance learning MBA.