MHA in Health Care Administration: Long-Term Care Specialization

Program Overview

Ensure aging and disabled populations are well-served.

Prepare for a leading role in one of the nation's 16,000+ nursing care facilities, which serve more than 1.4 million residents.1 These organizations need skilled administrators who can oversee daily operations, including patient admissions, staffing, medical billing, and more, and you can fill that need.

Prepare for a leading role in one of the nation's 16,000+ nursing care facilities, which serve more than 1.4 million residents.1 These organizations need skilled administrators who can oversee daily operations, including patient admissions, staffing, medical billing, and more, and you can fill that need.

Enter a Booming Industry

You'll graduate from Utica College's online Master of Health Administration (MHA) in Health Care Administration with a specialization in Long-Term Care prepared to ensure nursing facilities better serve those dealing with the effects of chronic conditions, injuries, illness, and age.

Demand for long-term care is especially urgent in today's America, as more than 10,000 baby boomers a day are heading into retirement.2 By 2050, the number of people who use long-term care services will rise to 27 million.3 Plus, it's projected 52 percent of today's 65-year-olds will need long-term care.4

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          Career Outlook

          Employment for medical and health services managers is projected to rise 20 percent from 2016 to 2026, much faster than average for all U.S. occupations, due in large part to the needs of the baby boomer population.5

          Plus, in 2016 the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported nursing care facilities were the nation's third-largest employer of medical and health services managers, totaling more than 35,000 jobs.5 Management positions in these facilities come with an annual average income of $92,830.6

          Career Spotlight: Nursing Home Administrator


          As a nursing home administrator, you would ensure your residents receive high-quality care. Your duties include supervising and coordinating all departments, overseeing quality assurance processes based on in-depth legal knowledge, managing financial resources, and much more.7

          Career Spotlight: Long-Term Care Nursing Director


          As a long-term care nursing director, you would oversee all nursing activities in your facility and act as second-in-command to the facility administrator. Your duties might include interviewing potential new hires, conducting performance reviews, and overseeing staff training.8

          Other titles you may qualify for:

          • Director of Nursing Services
          • Medical Care Manager
          • Ancillary Services Director
          • Quality/Compliance Officer
          • Planning Director


          Curriculum: Knowledge to Lead

          Through our MHA specialization in Long-Term Care, you'll learn to manage nursing homes and long-term care facilities, from their planning and staffing to financials and quality control.

          Course Spotlight: HCA 621 – Nursing Home Administration

          Explore nursing home management issues, from those faced by seasoned veterans to those confronted by health care neophytes. Guided by your instructor, you'll develop your own management style.


          Course Spotlight: AGE 603 – Public Health Care Policies of Aging

          Discover current public health policies and why they're inadequate at reducing or preventing health-associated diseases in the nation's aging population.

          Prepare for NHA Certification

          This curriculum can also support your preparation for the Nursing Home Administrator (NHA) certification exam.* You will need to take these specific courses:

          • HCA 527 - Ethical and Legal Issues
          • HCA 615 - Human Resources Management
          • FIN 585 - Health Care Financial Management
          • AGE 503 - Perspectives in Gerontology

          More Options for Your Degree

          You can also select any four electives from the online MHA curriculum to form your own specialization and focus your studies on topics you choose.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Advancing your life and career with an online degree comes with lots of questions, and we want to ensure your search for answers is effortless. If you have a question we haven't covered, call (866) 295-3106 to speak with a program manager.

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          This master's degree is designed to be completed in two years. You can complete it more or less quickly depending on how many credits you take each term!

          Job opportunities in the field of health care administration are projected to grow 20 percent by 2026. To learn more about specific titles, salaries, and job descriptions, visit the MHA in Health Care Administration career outlook page.

          No. While work experience is recommended, it is not required for admission to the program. See the full list of MHA admissions requirements.

          The MHA consists of 36 credit hours at a cost of $690 per credit hour, for a total estimated tuition of $24,840. This estimate doesn't include fees and other costs.

          For a detailed list of all related expenses and fees, see the MHA Tuition and Fees page.

          We've designed our program to fit into the lives of students as they maintain full-time employment. As such, a typical course load is one class every eight weeks in each 16-week semester. This is considered full-time for financial aid purposes.

          Yes. Transfer credit is awarded for courses taken at a regionally accredited college that are equivalent to those taught at Utica College and for which you received a grade of "C" or better. Note that we require official transcripts from all colleges you've attended, as well as a transcript showing the degree awarded.

          Shortly after you receive your letter of admission, you will receive an evaluation of your transfer credits from the Registrar's Office. If you want to ensure your credits will be accepted ahead of time, use TES® (Transfer Evaluation System).

          *In some states such as New York, the curriculum of Utica College's online MHA in Health Care Administration meets the course requirements for Nursing Home Administrator licensure. Potential applicants should check with their states' licensing agency or contact an Admissions Representative at (315) 732-2640 or toll-free at (866) 295-3106 to verify the necessary coursework. Faculty advisers are available to work with students to offer guidance and help them meet the academic requirements of this field.


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