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Online MPS in Cyber Policy and Risk Analysis

Govern data, manage risk – become a cyber policy leader.

The online Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Cyber Policy and Risk Analysis program prepares cybersecurity and policy professionals and government decision-makers to understand the growing challenge of responsible oversight for organizational cybersecurity policy and practices.

Incorporating the latest available information on this emerging field, we blend policy and practice into a coherent set of underlying principles and procedures that are legal, ethical and effective. This helps your organization both avoid and manage the risks of security threats on network, data, and other assets.

Cybersecurity is Utica College's Specialty

Recognized by the National Security Agency (NSA) and Department of Homeland Security as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education (CAE-CDE), Utica College is a leader in the field of cybersecurity policy and practice. Our suite of programs and specializations at the Bachelor'sMaster's, Certificate, and now MPS level within cybersecurity offer subject expertise that span every aspect of this vital field.

The MPS in Cyber Policy and Risk Analysis uses a results-driven approach applied to current trends and regulations in the industry. The responsive, online curriculum prepares you for the evolving field of cybersecurity policy.

  • ::  Become a proven leader in an emergent field.
  • ::  Enjoy the flexibility of an entirely online program. Our expert cyber policy faculty are fully committed to your success and are able to provide you with insights of their real-world experience.
  • ::  Learn to anticipate and respond to emergent threats.

There is immense opportunity waiting for new cybersecurity policy professionals - someone with the right skills and the right degree at the right time.

Your Future as a Cyber Policy Leader

The dynamic field of Cybersecurity policy is experiencing outstanding growth as employers begin to understand its organizational value. More and more, organizations, both private and public sector, are looking for professionals with the knowledge to lead the way forward on complex issues that are not easy to analyze and manage within the fast evolving internet landscape. Graduates excel in competitive work environments based on data-driven decision making and gain the foresight to develop cyber policy for the future.

  • ::  Cybersecurity leaders consistently earn above average pay.*
  • ::  Demand for these positions grew by 75 percent in the last five years.**

The online MPS in Cyber Policy and Risk Analysis prepares you for an exceptional career in the complex field of cybersecurity policy and practice. Take advantage of the tremendous opportunity available to Cybersecurity professionals who would like to become leaders in this emergent field.

Graduates of our online MPS in Cyber Policy and Risk Analysis are pioneers in cybersecurity education and can seek these and similar careers in the cybersecurity field:

  • ::  Director of Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • ::  Program Manager of Cyber Intelligence
  • ::  Cryptanalyst
  • ::  Forensics Expert
  • ::  Incident Responder
  • ::  Network Security Engineer
  • ::  Source Code Auditor
  • ::  Security Operations Center Analyst

Studying to be a cybersecurity professional can open doors to many different careers.

Review Cyber Policy and Risk Analysis Career Outlook

** Bureau of Labor Statistics

Online MPS in Cyber Policy and Risk Analysis Focus

Utica College's online MPS in Cyber Policy and Risk Analysis is a flexible, non-technical, comprehensive program that incorporates foundational theory in cyber law, public policy and ethics, with a focus on areas such as policy and professional responsibility, cyber espionage, surveillance, and cyber data fusion.You will analyze data, policy, and intelligence to comprehend adversaries to predict their actions. Your coursework will be current and relevant, offering you unparalleled expertise in emerging analytics and investigative techniques using game-changing case studies like Edward Snowden, the Sony hack, and more.

  • ::  You will gain core competencies in:
  • ::  Cyberspace and cybersecurity
  • ::  Complex organizational issues
  • ::  Foundations of security and privacy
  • ::  Risk assessment and management

See Cyber Policy and Risk Analysis Curriculum

A Highly Sought-After, Expert Faculty

As a small, private university, every student of Utica College’s online MPS program is guaranteed to receive help from their professors and other faculty to address their academic needs.

The real-world experience of the Utica College faculty drives the Cyber Policy and Risk Analysis program. Expert in their field, our cyber faculty have a breadth and depth of experience within the cybersecurity and cyber policy sphere that is unparalleled. They are sought after by private organizations, law enforcement and national and local governmental institutions to speak at industry forums to offer guidance on Cybersecurity policy and practice.

With Utica College's low student to faculty ratio and emphasis on student engagement, you will receive extraordinary personal attention and guidance from these esteemed professionals. You will benefit from their insight and expertise as you earn your MPS in Cyber Policy and Risk Analysis.

Meet the Cyber Policy and Risk Analysis Faculty

Tools, Tips and Other Resources

Our Resource Center offers articles, alumni spotlights, student blogs, videos, industry links, and press releases to increase your Cybersecurity industry knowledge and assist you as you pursue your career as a leader in cybersecurity.

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