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Online Certificate of Advanced Studies – Financial Crime and Compliance Operations

The Certificate of Advanced Studies in Financial Crime and Compliance Operations will prepare you to address the growing field of fraud, financial and white collar crime investigation by teaching skills and techniques for gathering, analyzing, and preserving evidence related to economic and financial misdeeds. This certificate draws from a variety of disciplines, including criminal justice, cybersecurity, cybercrime investigation and ethics, to create a cutting edge approach to the study of the topic. The types of financial crime covered include financial institution fraud (bank fraud, credit/debit card fraud, loan fraud),  money laundering, identity theft, wire fraud, insurance fraud, public corruption, health care fraud, embezzlement, environmental and investment fraud.

The Financial Crime and Compliance Operations Certificate will also help prepare students to take advantage of testing for these professional certifications:

  • - Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS)
  • - Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)

Courses & Curriculum

Students will learn hands-on investigative skills using the most modern and up-to-date tools and technologies in the following courses:

FCM 623 – Advanced Fraud Investigation and Analysis
Types of criminal fraud, methods used to detect and analyze occurrence of fraud, techniques of fraud investigation, interviewing and interrogation, file and case management, interaction with external investigation, regulations, and law enforcement.

FCM 627 – Fraud Management: Risk and Compliance
Application of principles and practices of compliance and operational risk assessment and mitigation to the management of fraud prevention detection, and investigation.

FCM 631 – Fraud Management and Technology
The challenges of management in an increasingly technological environment. The history and evolutionary development of counter-fraud technology. The integration of fraud management in the development of new corporate products or instruments. Anticipating new forms of frauds based on the application of new and projected technologies.

FCM 632 – Information and Communication Security
Issues and concepts related to the protection of information and information systems. Threats and vulnerabilities to internal and external modes of communication. Securing communications, information systems and computer technology. Legal, ethical and privacy issues related to information security.

ACC 604 – Seminar in Assurance & Forensic Auditing
Control and auditing of mainframe and networked information systems; assessment of audit risk, assurance methods, causes, consequences, prevention of audit failure.

CYB 673 – Principles of Cybercrime Investigation
This course provides an advanced look into technical aspects of computer cybercrime investigations. It describes threats, and types of attacks and defenses used by terrorists and criminals against our computers.

Admission Requirements

To apply for admission, you must meet the following requirements:

  • :: Bachelor's degree or International equivalent
  • :: Minimum GPA of 2.7. Applicants with GPAs below 2.7 can be admitted at the discretion of the department
  • :: No GRE or GMAT exam required

Financial Crime and Compliance Operations Learning Goals

  • :: Understand, assess and apply fraud management risk and compliance methods
  • :: Apply fraud management, fraud technology and cybercrime investigation tools to counter fraud, financial and white collar crime
  • :: Apply of principles and practices of compliance and operational risk assessment and mitigation to the management of fraud prevention detection, and investigation.
  • :: Analyze and assess approaches to information and communication security
  • :: Understand the tools, techniques and methods used to investigate complex fraud, financial and white collar crime
  • :: Apply methods of detection and methods of investigation including analysis of financial documents, investigation process and techniques to fraud, financial and white collar crime
  • :: Prepare of investigative case report to fraud, financial and white collar crime

Continue Your Education

When you’re ready to advance your education, you may seamlessly transfer your Certificate of Advanced Studies credits to complete either of these Master's degrees in as few as 12 months.Not all credit hours may transfer into the Master's degree. Permission of the Program Director is required.

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