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Online Certificate of Advanced Studies - Organizational Risk Assessment and Management


The Certificate of Advanced Studies in Organizational Risk Assessment and Management provides students with the foundational concepts to conduct risk assessments across a variety of organizations and enterprises. Students will learn how to conduct risk assessments in modern, complex, information-intensive enterprises and organizations as they deal with fraud, financial, white collar and cyber-related crime. The program will educate students on the theory of risk assessment and management and will also teach real-world, hands-on skills using state-of-the-art tools and techniques. Legal, social, ethical and cultural considerations will be examined throughout the program.


Courses & Curriculum

Students will learn hands-on investigative skills using the most modern and up-to-date tools and technologies in the following courses:

BUS 611/612 – Principles and Practices of Leadership
Prereqs: must take BUS 611 before BUS 612

Introduction to foundational HR, OD and ethical concepts of leadership; theoretical and technical business knowledge; modern ethical leadership in today's business organization. This course is the companion course to BUS 612. Building on HR, OD and ethical concepts of leadership, explores case study analysis of real-world leadership challenges and issues. Semester project: develop "philosophy of leadership" and career mission statement. This course is the companion course to BUS 611.

BUS 631/632 – Data Driven Decision Making
Prereqs: must take BUS 631 before BUS 632

Establishes critical thinking and problem analysis skills to executive decision-making. Addresses the use and analysis of quantitative data. Prior knowledge of introductory statistics and functional use of Excel are required. This is the companion course to BUS 632. Delve deeper into critical thinking and problem analysis for executive decision-making and data-context relevance. Addresses the use and analysis of qualitative data. Functional use of Excel is required. This is the companion course to BUS 631.

CYB 665 – Legal Foundations of Information Security and Privacy
This course addresses the principles of privacy relating to non-public personal information and proprietary business or government information, including policy issues; legal, regulatory and business controls; and best practices.

CYB 668 – Organizational Risk Management Frameworks
This course examines risk management as a systematic assessment of the actual degree of risk in a given security situation. The course will examine threats, vulnerabilities, countermeasures and cost/benefit as they relate to security.

FCM 622 – Legal Concepts of Criminal Fraud
Analysis of business and economic crime, including the various devices utilized in the commission of criminal fraud, fraud upon governmental and commercial institutions, group and enterprise crimes, the criminal liability of corporations and their officers and managers, sanctions and the prosecution of business and economic crime. The case study method will be utilized extensively.

FCM 631 – Fraud Management & Technology
The challenges of management in an increasingly technological environment. The history and evolutionary development of counter-fraud technology. The integration of fraud management in the development of new corporate products or instruments. Anticipating new forms of frauds based on the application of new and projected technologies.


Total Required Credits Hours: 18

Admission Requirements

To apply for admission, you must meet the following requirements:

  • :: Bachelor's degree or International equivalent
  • :: Minimum GPA of 2.7. Applicants with GPAs below 2.7 can be admitted at the discretion of the department
  • :: No GRE or GMAT exam required

Organizational Risk Assessment and Management Learning Goals

  • :: Understand and assess the criminal liability of modern organizations and enterprises related to fraud, financial and white collar crime
  • :: Understand and assess the difference between management and leadership in a modern organization
  • :: Understand, assess and apply legal and ethical concepts to the cybercrime domain
  • :: Apply risk assessment and management tools and techniques to modern organizations and enterprises
  • :: Understand risk assessment concepts and tradeoffs including threats, vulnerabilities, countermeasures and cost/benefit
  • :: Understand and apply accounting and finance concepts related to the interpretation and application of financial data to decision making

Continue Your Education

When you’re ready to advance your education, you may seamlessly transfer your Certificate of Advanced Studies credits to complete either of these Master’s degrees in as few as 12 months¹. Not all credit hours may transfer into the Master’s degree. Permission of the Program Director is required.

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¹Students are expected to take 1 class every 8 weeks. Please contact your Program Manager for detailed guidelines.