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What Do You Learn in the First Four MBA Courses?

The Utica College Online MBA Curriculum consists of 30 credits of core courses, elective courses from in-demand specialty areas, and a capstone project. These online MBA courses focus on a wide variety of subject areas that all contribute to providing a high-quality business education.

One of the many factors that sets Utica College’s MBA program apart is the caliber of its faculty. Utica College online MBA courses are taught by professionals who have superlative academic credentials including graduate degrees and industry certifications, along with extensive business experience working in their fields of expertise.

In addition to knowing the academic theories and research that stand behind their subject areas, Utica College MBA faculty also bring practical experience and reality-based, problem-solving skills from the workplace to the classroom. Students can immediately start applying the knowledge they learn in their classrooms. The flexibility and technology of the Utica College MBA are also unique attributes to the program. Platforms like our live classrooms allow students to join and interact with fellow MBA students and the professor in an on-campus class via webcast.

Among the first online MBA classes students take are Principles and Practices of Leadership (I and II) and Financial Fluency (I and II). Here’s a look at what students can expect from these four important classes.

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BUS 611: Principles and Practices of Leadership I (1.5 credits)
Students take this online MBA course during the first eight weeks of the program. It introduces them to a range of business topics, including human resources, organizational development, and ethics. “In this class, students can expect to get a foundation for leadership theory, which then translates into the models that are used,” says Director of Graduate Program Operations Tracy Balduzzi, who is also a Business 611 instructor. Balduzzi holds a master’s degree in healthcare administration and is currently completing a doctorate in higher education leadership and innovation.

BUS 612: Principles and Practices of Leadership II (1.5 credits)
Students take this online MBA course during the second eight weeks of the program. It builds on the concepts learned in BUS 611 and uses case-study analysis to analyze leadership challenges. “In 611, we do a lot of self-reflection and self-assessments,” Balduzzi says. “And then in 612, students use all those assessments to determine how their leadership style has changed from the first part of the course to the second, including their areas of opportunity within their own leadership development, based on what they’ve learned and the interactions they’ve had with their classmates.”

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BUS 621: Financial Fluency I (1.5 credits)
Along with BUS 611, students take this online MBA course during the first eight weeks of the program. It explores a range of important accounting and finance-related topics. “It’s basically designed as a general course to help students understand how to read a financial statement and how to use that information to learn more about a company,” says course instructor John Markert, who is a practicing CPA and holds an MBA.

BUS 622: Financial Fluency II (1.5 credits)
Along with BUS 612, students take this online MBA course during the second eight weeks of the program. It picks up where BUS 621 leaves off. “In this class, we learn how to take the information from a company’s financial statement and apply it to decision-making,” Markert says. “We ask questions such as, ‘Do I invest? Do I lend? Do I take on this project? Will it be profitable for me to invest or lend? Will it be profitable for me to take on this project?’” Learning to use financial information to make decisions in class prepares students to ask the right questions in the business world.

These are just four of the classes students take while pursuing an online MBA from Utica College. Start making a difference in your career by learning crucial business lessons from highly qualified faculty with experience in the classroom and the workplace.

The online MBA from Utica College is strategically designed for real-world application and career growth. Request more information or call 315.732.2640 or toll-free at 866.295.3106 today