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Live Classroom Sessions for Online Management (MBA) Students

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Please note, as of February 17, 2022, “Utica College” is now “Utica University.”

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[00:00:10.46] STEPHANIE NESBITT: Hello, I’m Stephanie Nesbitt, director of MBA and RMI programs at Utica College. At Utica College, we’ve turned the notion of blended on its head by creating a program that focuses on delivering the students the ultimate flexibility in anywhere education. In addition, our blended model leverages the pedagogical benefits of face-to-face learning and online education.

[00:00:36.69] The result is an MBA program delivered seamlessly in both the physical classroom and the virtual classroom, which allows students to choose physical or virtual, synchronous or asynchronous classroom attendance. The benefit of this is a highly engaged, highly interactive setting for education, which maximizes the results for graduate business learning.

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The Utica University online MBA program offers maximum flexibility to today’s students who can attend classes in a variety of ways that go beyond the traditional online format. Online MBA students can also attend live classes if they so choose, by either sitting in the physical classroom on campus, or joining the class via our virtual classroom portal hosted by WebEx.

The live classroom sessions in the online MBA program allow students an exciting opportunity to participate in traditional on campus classes for their coursework. These class sessions are held by the same professors teaching the core online courses and allow students to interact LIVE with faculty, on-campus students, and fellow online students. Moreover, online students can attend as many live sessions as they want.

Listen to Stephanie Nesbitt, MBA Program Director, describe the live classroom sessions and explain why it was an important part of the strategic design of the online MBA program.

Utica University’s online MBA is in candidacy for AACSB accreditation. For more questions about the blended learning options and Utica University’s online MBA, call 315.732.2640 or toll free 866.295.3106, or request more information.

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