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Utica College Student Blog

Follow the adventures of Utica College Online Students

Utica College students write about their experiences in the online environment, their industry insights and careers. Students have their say on the pressing issues of balancing life and studies, working with deadlines, limiting distractions, and navigating everything from fees to faculty time. These are their stories:

Meet the Bloggers


David Charland

David '16
Transitional DPT

David's Blog

"Leaning on your past may hold back your future."

"3 days in the Residency helped calm my fears of Going Back To School."

Pamela Johnson

Pamela '16
Master's in Health Care Administration

Pamela's Blog

"Why You Should Specialize to Achieve Your Career Goals."

"Use all the resources available."

"I am a Pioneer."

"10 Things to Help you Prepare For the First Semester."

"What to do when things don't go according to plan."

"It has been really nice learning with you."

Shaun Kelley

Shaun '16
MS Cybersecurity

Shaun's Blog

"Networking with Others."

"Some Friendly Advice for Your First Semester."

Dennis Labossiere

Dennis '15
MS Cybersecurity

Dennis' Blog

"Not to beat a dead horse but communicating with professors is KEY."

"7 Steps to Help You Manage Your Time."

"Tips for the Computer Forensics specialization."

Barnaby Frumess

Barnaby '16
MS Cybersecurity

Barnaby's Blog


The Linux."

Cybersecurity: so boring but oh so rewarding!"

Scott Hibbard

Scott '15
MS Financial Crime and Compliance Management

Scott's Blog

"Rewards and Challenges of the Financial Crime and Compliance Program"

"My Favorite Financial Crime Courses"

"Take the Time to Communicate"

"Word of Advice on the Capstone"

"ECM (now FCM) Study Resources"

"4 Myths about Online Education Debunked"

"4 Key Transitions for the Graduate-Level Student."

"Independence and Self Learning."

Glenn Fredenburg

Glenn '16
RN to BS Nursing

Glenn's Blog

“New Semester Resolution.”

"Five Lessons I Learned as a College Student."

"Surviving the Stress of College."

"4 Must-Have Software Programs."

"Success stories and potential nursing careers."

"5 ways your online experience will differ from on ground."

"Earning my BSN is both challenging and rewarding."

"A few things that helped me choose a nursing school."

"Time Management Tips for Nurses."

"You’ve decided to get your BSN… now what?"

"Top 5 Reasons for Going Back to Nursing School."

"The #1 Tip: Contact Your Professor."

Melissa Turek

Melissa '15
RN to BS Nursing

Melissa's Blog

"10 Tips to help you Balance the Workload."

"Tips on Reading Your RN-BS Nursing Syllabus."

"Software suggestions for the online RN to BSN program."

"5 Tips to surviving group projects"

"Online learning requires self-discipline"

Micaela Burney

Micaela '16
BS Cybersecurity

Micaela's Blog

What to Expect in your Cybersecurity Program

My personal thoughts and favorite things about the BS Cyber Program

Top 3 Myths about Completing Your Degree Online

"Stressed about starting college?"

Taryn Kuczynski

Taryn '16
BS Cybersecurity

Taryn's Blog

"7 Things that can help You Balance School and Work"

"An internship experience is invaluable"

"How to be successful in an 8 week course."

"6 Things to look for When Choosing a College for Your Cybersecurity degree."

Alycia Maurer

Alycia '16
MS Financial Crime and Compliance Management

Alycia's Blog

"Who will be Your Best Friends as a New Student?"

"Technology Freebies, Discounts, and Support"

"9 Tips from an Upperclassman in the Financial Crime Program"

"Residency: How to Plan, How to Manage, How to Survive"

"My passion for Fraud and Risk Management led me to Utica College"

Steven Eisenhauer

Steven '16
MS Financial Crime and Compliance Management

Steven's Blog

"You’re Not Alone in the Online Program"

Tori Gushea

Tori '16
RN to BS Nursing

Tori's Blog

"Be proactive and communicate with your instructors please."

"The perfect recipe for success in an eight week course."

"Teamwork and Group Projects Are Not Bad words"

"A Nursing Program Designed For the Adult Learner"

Michael Stempien

Michael '17
MS Financial Crime and Compliance Management

Michael's Blog

"5 Practical Reasons to like Online Classes."

Lindsay DeCamp

Lindsay '17
Master's in Health Care Administration

Lindsay's Blog

"Why I selected UC."