Residency: How to Plan, How to Manage, How to Survive

By Alycia Maurer, September 2015

Get ready! Residency is an amazing experience of collaboration, learning and friendship. There are a few things I learned in preparation for the two residencies I attended, which I will share with you. I hope these tips are useful for you and make your residency planning and attendance a little easier to manage.

My COHORT was the last one which required two residencies. I learned the hard way the first time around. The second time was not as stressful. Since only one residency is required with groups going forward, it makes sense to make it the best it can be for your learning experience and networking. Not all of the items below may apply to you. Use what you believe will be most helpful.

My top priority items:

  1. Check the Utica College Student Residency web page regularly for updates. If you do not see any information and your residency is two months away, contact your Success Coach or Program Director via email to inquire as to when they expect the schedule and information to be available.
  2. Book your air travel and hotel room as soon as you know the dates.
  3. If budget is an issue, share a car and/or a room with a trusted classmate. This will require coordination with others’ travel schedules (Hint: This is one of the reasons it is important to get to know your classmates).
  4. Stay at the hotel where most activities will be held, such as the banquet. Most people, including instructors and professors, will stay there as well. It is nice to get to know everyone during happy hours.
  5. If you have an early flight out the day after residency ends, consider booking a hotel close to the airport that has a shuttle. Turn your car in and save some expense.
  6. Be respectful of class start times in the morning and after lunch.
  7. Do your best to get restful sleep. It can be difficult, as most of us juggle residency with working remotely for our jobs during this time.

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Technology Considerations:

  1. Bring your own internet hot spot so you don’t have to rely on the hotel or school.
  2. Bring a power strip to use at your hotel as well as in the class room. It was helpful in both places for me. I also allowed my classmates to plug in, too.
  3. Both times I stayed at the Ramada, there were fireworks displays fairly late at night. Two words: ear plugs.
  4. Bring a thumb drive.
  5. Don't forget chargers for your cell phone and hot spot.


  1. Layers. Enough said.
  2. Comfortable shoes.
  3. Bring a nice outfit for banquet night.


  1. Bring an open mind and be flexible. Schedules change.
  2. Be considerate and respectful of your classmates, instructors, professors, and administrative personnel.
  3. Take the opportunity to learn from others’ educational and working experiences.
  4. Be tolerant of undergraduate students you may encounter on campus. You were an undergrad at some point, right?
  5. Bring business cards. If you do not have official cards from your employer, you can order generic contact information cards at most office supply stores.
  6. Go to a restaurant and have Utica Chicken Riggies. So, so good! Several restaurants in the area serve excellent versions.

Enjoy your time in Utica!

About the Author

Alycia Maurer has reduced fraud losses significantly for her company over the past five years by providing fraud mitigation advice for projects within her department and across her company, identifying and successfully implementing software solutions, developing relationships with contacts across the company and partnering with these contacts to resolve complex fraud risk issues. Her interest in identifying and solving these types of issues, which she refers to as “shiny stuff”, is what motivated her to pursue a Master of Science degree in Economic Crime Management (now MS in Financial Crime and Compliance Management) at Utica College.