Who Will be Your Best Friends as a New Student?

By Alycia Maurer, April 2016

Your best friends at Utica College should be your cohort(s), your professor(s), your department head(s), your success coach(es), the financial office, the registrar’s office, your technical resources, and the book store.

Cohorts: These are the people that will be your partners throughout your program. They bring invaluable perspective to the group, just as you do. Your learning experience will be enhanced by their sharing of information.

Professors: I cannot say enough about my experience with the quality of professors at Utica College. Their knowledge, professionalism, and real-life experience has been astounding. Listening to them at residency and during class conference calls, along with reading their posts has been so rewarding!

Department Head: You should have the opportunity to meet your department head in person at residency. This is a great time to get to know them and to have them know you. Putting a face to a name is very important, plus they are there to help you succeed, just as the rest of the Utica team is. They are interested in your knowledge and experience, and you can learn so much from theirs as well.

Success Coach: Ah! The Success Coach! Did you know your success coach will, with appropriate documentation in place, register you for your classes? They know we are busy professionals with crazy work and school hours, so they gladly offer this option. I am forever grateful for this!

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Finance Office: The Finance Office has recently made changes to allow an online request for itemized billing statements, which is necessary for some employer tuition reimbursement requirements. Huge win! Their stated turnaround time is 48 hours, but I got mine in about an hour. They are also helpful in providing online ways for you to get direct deposit of refunds and retrieve billing statement summaries—as well as information related to student loans.

Registrar’s Office: Grades! This is why we are here, right? This office is as amazing as the rest! I needed an official grade letter for tuition reimbursement. The timeframe given was within the hour—I am not sure I had even hung up the phone before I heard the email coming in with my official grade information. Yay! Just another way Utica makes things easier. When I am working on something, like tuition reimbursement, I like to just get it done in one sitting, and Utica has made that possible. Please remember I am stating my own experience and the workflow volume could impact the response times for future requests.

Technical Resources: There are numerous technical resources available. Calling a technical support analyst, or reviewing support information on Utica’s web site are both great options.

Book Store: Aside from purchasing spirit ware, the book store is also very adept at helping you navigate through your textbook purchase requirements. If you have a question, please call the bookstore. I’ve had questions about special-order textbooks and they’ve been so helpful. I would also suggest you do not wait until the last minute to order your textbooks. There have been some classes I have taken where the books were not even printed until ordered. The book store can help you navigate through this. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the bookstore when you are at residency!

About the Author

Alycia Maurer has reduced fraud losses significantly for her company over the past five years by providing fraud mitigation advice for projects within her department and across her company, identifying and successfully implementing software solutions, developing relationships with contacts across the company and partnering with these contacts to resolve complex fraud risk issues. Her interest in identifying and solving these types of issues, which she refers to as “shiny stuff”, is what motivated her to pursue a Master of Science degree in Economic Crime Management (now MS in Financial Crime and Compliance Management) at Utica College.