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Grad Year: 2016
Program: MS in Cybersecurity

Barnaby Frumess is a professor at SUNY Orange in the Computer Sciences division.  After two decades of playing rock & roll guitar, cooking in restaurants, and living in a van down by the river, he decided to change careers.

In a case of what can only be considered divine serendipity, the local community college had created a cybersecurity program, which he entered upon immediately. Though he already had a bachelor's degree, the associate's in cybersecurity was a necessary intro into this new field.

One year into the associate's degree, he entered the Utica College master's program, and while it was a trying endeavor to do two programs concurrently, he graduated with high honors from the associate's one year later.

Professor Frumess, as he likes to be known, has now finished all coursework at Utica and is working on his capstone project.  With the guidance and mentorship of the Utica faculty, he was able to maneuver the hurdles of a new discipline and successfully change careers.

With the opportunity to help new students, new Utica College family members, Professor Frumess dedicates this blog experience to those who take the plunge into new waters and to those who make that plunge possible.

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By Barnaby Frumess, September 2015

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The Linux

By Barnaby Frumess, September 2015

programming code on a computer screen

Cybersecurity: so boring but oh so rewarding!

By Barnaby Frumess, September 2015