Why I Selected UC for my Graduate Degree

By Lindsay DeCamp, September 2015

I graduated from Michigan State University in 2013 and quickly applied to Utica for the Health Care Administration program. I first learned about Utica in the beginning of my senior year. I knew that I wanted to study health care administration because I have always had a passion for the health care field, but knew that I could not work in the field as a nurse or doctor.

Flexibility: 100% online, one class at a time

One aspect of Utica that I loved was that the program was online. This was important to me. I have had to work throughout my undergraduate college years and I needed to continue working while pursuing my master’s degree. The online program at Utica would fit my schedule, which was very important to me.

I also loved that the program was one class at a time. I would prefer to focus on one class for 8 weeks than a few classes over 16 weeks. I feel as though I can truly immerse myself in the curriculum and take more away from the class.

Advance your career with Utica

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Lots of health care courses to customize your program

The classes offered made me feel like I would be properly prepared to work in the variety of fields available in health care administration. The core courses are all health care focused, so areas like accounting, marketing and ethics are all specifically geared to health care. Then the five areas of specialization allow students to customize the program further. Another important aspect of the program that drew me to Utica College was the virtual residencies. It made me feel more comfortable knowing that I would be required to communicate and develop a relationship with the professors and classmates. The four residencies allow collaboration despite work schedules, geographic location and time zone differences. I had taken online classes at Michigan State University and was never able to really put faces to names. I saw a picture and read a biography of their experiences, but I never created the relationship that is possible with the professors in the health care administration program at UC.

So far so good!

Utica College seemed to align with my values in a college and I am extremely pleased with my experiences so far. I am confident I made the best decision regarding my master’s education!

About the Author

Lindsay DeCamp lives in Eaton Rapids, MI with her husband and two kitties, Luna and Finnigan. She graduated from Michigan State University with her bachelor's degree in psychology in 2013. She has a passion for the health care field, which led her to pursue her master's in Health Care Administration through Utica College. She loves to read, bake, scrapbook, kayak and dance in her free time.