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Networking With Others

By Shaun Kelley, September 2015

So you've decided that grad school is right for you?!
Well you made the right choice. There are so many benefits that you can get out of grad school besides that piece of paper you get upon completion. When in a graduate program, you are with many likeminded people like yourself who are enthusiastic about your field to the point where they would like to MASTER it. Sounds like the kind of people you would want to know huh?


Take advantage of the residency.
This is a great part about the Utica College online Master's in Cybersecurity Program. This program is unique in the fact that it has an onsite residency that is mandatory. This is an excellent opportunity to exchange business cards, numbers, email addresses and get face time with teachers. You never know who you are going to rub off on at the residency program. You could mention to someone that you are passionate about a certain area of your field, and then while they are at work, someone might mention to them that they are looking for someone like you! If you leave a lasting impression, you will be the first person they think of!

A success story.
Myself, I have a success story from Utica College. The department chair, Joe Giordano, played an important role in my career. I was brand new to the cyber field, and nervous, as many soon to be graduates are, about finding a job without experience. From speaking with Joe at the residencies, he knew that I was passionate about my work and about putting everything I had into what I do. He referred me to one of the professors at the program who contacted me and offered me my current job. It was proper networking and a can-do attitude that got me that job.

Make every second count.
My advice to you all is to make every second of your time at Utica count when interacting with classmates and professors. You never know who might be listening or get a good vibe about you. A couple of things to consider before attending your first residency:

  • :: Make/Order business cards
  • :: Make copies of your resume
  • :: Do some outside research about the faculty at Utica (Utica College has adjunct professors who work full time in the field and have great connections)
  • :: Most importantly, decide; How am I going to make an impression?

About the Author

Shaun KelleyShaun Kelley is from Pearl River, New York. He enrolled in the Utica College Cybersecurity Masters program in the Fall of 2013 after graduating from SUNY Cortland in May of 2013. He currently lives in the Metro Detroit Area in Michigan and works for KPMG's Forensic Technology practice. He was able to get a job in the field from the networking he did as a Utica College student. Since joining KPMG, he has been able to use the skills he developed in this program, (both technical and social), to solve real world problems in the workplace. In his spare time, he enjoys going to sporting events (Football, Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse).

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