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Faculty Spotlight - Interview with William (Bill) Virkler, Executive Director of the Economic Crime, Justice Studies and Cybersecurity department

An interview with William (Bill) Virkler

Judge William (Bill) Virkler, Executive Director Economic Crime and Justice Studies, describes how input from alumni and industry experts keep the programs ahead of the curve.

Judge William (Bill) Virkler Video Transcript

Success driven by Student Outcomes and Continuous Enhancements
I have to say that the success of our program is driven by the success of our students, and the quality of our students. Our students are simply super. And that's measured by what they do after they get their degree, and where are they now and what are they doing. That's really the measure of the tape for me.

We've had students with great success. They stay in touch with Utica College. Many of them have become Adjunct professors here. Then, they in turn tell us, because they work in the field every day, here's what's going on out there, and here's how we might change this program, or here's something we might add to this course, because this is what's happening in, perhaps, the world of technology.

Benefits of the Economic Crime and Cybersecurity Institute
The economic crime institute is a board that is made up with executives from the business world. Northrop Grumman, Microsoft, Google - these are companies all well-known. . . Wetstone Technology. So, it is a large board of executives who give us our time, without fee, to meet with us at least two times a year, and stay in regular communication with our ECI director. We use them for current information in the marketplace.

That's why we stay, literally, on the cutting edge of Cyber. It's almost easy for us because of the context that our collective faculty have. So it's been really exciting.

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