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MS in Cybersecurity Online - Program Director's Overview

Cybersecurity Director provides a brief overview of the program at Utica College

Video Transcript - MS in Cybersecurity Program Overview by Joe Giordano

My name is Joe Giordano, I'm an assistant professor of Criminal Justice here at Utica College, and I'm the Chair of Cybersecurity programs. I spent 26 and a half years working as a computer scientist at the United States Air Force Research Laboratory. Our specialty there was Information Technology and later in my career, cyber. So, we were on the ground floor in the early days of cyber security, cyber operations, and cyber warfare.

What we do is that there are a lot of labs, a lot of hands on work that deal with cyber security, cyber crime investigations, critical infrastructures, and cyber intelligence. We branch off into two specialization areas. [Note: There are now 3 specializations available in this program]

Cyber Intelligence Specialization
The first specialization area is cyber intelligence, and it's a very unique field.

Gathering information about an adversary, protecting yourself against adversary collection efforts against friendly information systems. In addition, in the intelligence concentration we look at malware, malware analysis, what malware means, what it looks like, and then a couple of courses that deal with things like cyber conflict, and then critical incident command, response and all hazards.

Computer Forensics Specialization
On the forensic side, there are four forensic courses that step you down pretty much where we start with "On the Box" Forensics. How to analyze a dead box, how to analyze a computer, look for digital evidence, all the way down to looking at intrusions on a network. So, it's a very comprehensive look and each course is more hands-on than the previous one.

Strong Career Outlook in Cybersecurity
The employment opportunities for cyber security graduates look very, very positive for the future. I use a couple of quotes, but the one that I'll use write here is, Alec Ross, I believe who is involved in the innovation area for the U.S. State Department, I'm paraphrasing, he states that, "If you were looking at the best return in investment for your educational dollar, for now into the future, it's cyber security", and I couldn't agree more.

Whether you're talking business, industry, once again, intelligence, government, military, we're in the information age. Information is the lifeblood of any organization that exists.

On the law enforcement side, you can't go to a case anymore without there being some sort of digital media. Therefore, the explosion of jobs in the cyber arena, it's just going to continue for the next ten plus years. I would say it's the future.

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