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MS in Cybersecurity Online - Faculty Expertise

Joe Giordano, Director of the Cybersecurity programs, talks about the vast experience and advanced skillset of the faculty

Video Transcript - MS in Cybersecurity Faculty Expertise

Faculty who are Experts in the Field
The faculty at Utica College are very special. We have some full time faculty members, who are experts in the field, a mix of what I'll call professors of practice, very practical folks, and a mix of PhDs who are not only theoretical but who have also worked in the field.

Faculty who work in the industry bring practical applications into Coursework
From the standpoint of adjunct faculty, we have an amazing group of people. People who've done the work in the field, whether you're talking about adjunct faculty who come from places like KPMG, adjunct faculty who've been in law enforcement, or are still in law enforcement: state, federal, and local law enforcement. We have adjunct faculty who work either for the Defense Department or are government civilians in the Defense Department and we have retired military.

The interesting thing is it's an eclectic mix. We have people who bring their backgrounds from the military, from the intelligence community, from business, from industry, and from law enforcement and it's amazing what happens when you bring a mix of people like that together. The creativity just blossoms.

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