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MS in Cybersecurity Online - Program Overview by Faculty

Cybersecurity faculty describe the layout of the program and what makes it unique

Video Transcript - MS in Cybersecurity Program Uniqueness

Jeff Bardin: Well, Utica College has got some unique background. Most people don't realize that a lot of the leadership here came from the Air Force research labs. And if you do your background checks on what the Air Force research labs were doing 30 years ago, they were on the cutting edge of cyber before it was even identified as such.

Gregory Walsh: The faculty that he's selected for this program, they bring in a wide variety of practitioner experience and expertise in different areas.

Paul Pantani: Utica has the best program. I think the key thing that we bring to this environment is the hands-on experience.

Gregory Walsh: The students are getting real practitioner work from people that are in the field doing this work. It's not just someone talking about what they read in a book. These are people that are doing today, and I think the students recognize that and it makes the program very strong.

Salvatore Paladino: They're prepared to enter the industry. They know what the contemporary challenges are. They're not just techies, but they're able to understand the technical concepts of cybersecurity. They're able to write about it, they're able to speak about it, and to me that's somebody that's going to be able to thrive in the industry.

Gregory Walsh: Well, that's a fun part about our master's program, is the wide variety of students that come in, and they're not ordinarily closing up U.S. embassies in the middle of a class, but they're all over the world, and they're all into very interesting things.

Chris Ridell: It's my job to get them to accomplish their careers, their goals, and their ambitions. Again, I'm more of a facilitator. Even when I'm in the traditional classroom role, doing the instructions, I see my role more as facilitating their success. It's about them. I truly feel that.

Salvatore Paladino: We want them to bring their own experiences and their own knowledge, and we want them to learn from the instructors, we want them to learn from their group mates, and we want them to learn from everyone else in the class in assignments like the discussion forums.

Chris Ridell: We appreciate what they bring to the table, and we let them go with a lot more.

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