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MS in Cybersecurity - Benefits of the Residency

Joe Giordano, Director of the Cybersecurity programs, discusses the benefits of having a residency in an online program

Video Transcript - Benefits of the Residency

My name is Joe Giordano. I'm an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice here at Utica College and I'm the Chair of the Cyber Security programs. In a residency you get to meet your professors. You get to interact with your professors. You get to meet your fellow students, your cohort. You not only make friendships, but these become professional contacts, people that you can draw upon, work with.

It's one thing to have a purely online program where people are just names, but in this case people come in, they meet each other, they spend four days with each other. They're immersed in the class and the technology, working on labs together, case studies, whatever. The residency is an unbelievably valuable experience.

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