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MS in Cybersecurity Online Student Success

Interviews with Students and Alumni

Students in the online Master's in Cybersecurity program describe their experience.

Video Transcript - Student Success - MS in Cybersecurity

Brian Ringrose: The online courses are perfect for the Masters, especially with the way that they are set up using experienced professionals in the field. The hands-on professionals that work here as professors, are the ones that are able to provide me that real life experience and knowledge that is really difficult to find elsewhere.

Kerry Mildon: We have professors that come from all walks of cyber. Some of them started in law enforcement as a traffic officer or a detective. We have people that work in the IT realm already. We have people who have worked for the federal government. And so bringing in all of those different aspects brings a lot more to the student.

Cynthia Gonella: They're in touch with what's going on today, and they're able to talk about cutting edge technology and what professionals face after you leave school. What will I be dealing with? What's really going on out in the field today?

Brian Ringrose: This is real experience that is very beneficial.

Kerry Mildon: They have fine-tuned the Masters in Cybersecurity to offer a course load that challenges you intellectually. It will teach you things that you may not learn from another cyber type of program, and it brings opportunities to you to interact with people from all walks of life that are now in the field.

Brad Meyers: I've gained the skills that will help me move forward into a career, and I think that this facility has offered me more than just the skills. I've gotten the personal skills that I didn't expect as well in an Internet curriculum.

Kerry Mildon: It's a very tough program. It's very challenging. But the reward from it outweighs the challenges that you're going to encounter.

Cynthia Gonella: We're dealing with a changing technology based society that tomorrow something else can show up on the market that just completely takes over, and we have to be ready for that.

Kerry Mildon: It prepares you for various professional opportunities. You can work for technology companies. You can go to work for the government. You could open your own company and do private investigation. You could work for law enforcement, for the banks. The possibilities are endless from fraud to steganography investigations to cyber counterterrorism, cyber counterespionage. It opens up a whole new world of technology and cyberspace crime investigation that other programs don't offer. It makes you a more well-rounded individual, and professionally you will offer more to a company.

Cynthia Gonella: I think having come through the program, not myself only, but all of us together, we can certainly make a huge difference.

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