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UTICA COLLEGE – TV : Advising and Support for Online Students

In this video, William (Bill) Virkler, Associate Dean of our School of Business and Justice Studies as well as a Circuit Court Judge, describes to UCTV Host, Dr. James Norrie, the resources that students have for academic advising and support both online and on campus. Judge Virkler also discusses how he uses his current, real-world experiences to help advise and guide students to achieve their career goals.

Video Transcript: Advising and Support for Online Students

Dr. Norrie: Welcome back to UCTV and the morning edition. We have our coffee and our orange and blue colors on, and we snagged, from the hallways of UC, the Associate Dean of our School of Business and Justice Studies, Professor Bill Virkler. Bill, welcome to the show.

Bill Virkler: Good morning, James. How are you today?

Dr. Norrie: Good. Thanks for being here. If I was a prospective online student, I might be worried that because they are not here in Utica, they don't get the same kind of support. What might you say to them about that?

Bill Virkler: Well, they actually, probably get more of my time and Zachary Lewis' time in the model that we have for advising. So in addition to success coaches, they also get me by e-mail or by telephone seven days a week.

Dr. Norrie: Okay.

Bill Virkler: So it is quite common that students online reach out to me often. I encourage students on campus to reach out as often, but sometimes they don't do that.

Dr. Norrie: Right.

Bill Virkler: So online students are right there and get our support.

Dr. Norrie: And certainly, based on the time of this interview, we know you're here pretty early in the morning, so the students can get you pretty early in the morning. I know that too.

Bill Virkler: Right, right. True.

Dr. Norrie: Now, you mentioned this term "success coach." What's a success coach, Bill?

Bill Virkler: Success coach is someone who knows the procedure of courses you might schedule into your curriculum. They know what's coming next. When it [becomes] an academic question, that's when it gets kicked over directly to me, and I'm allowed to, as a professor, give them advice with regard to what direction they're going in, what do they want to do when they get out. So it's professional advising and it's academic advising that goes beyond the success coach.

Dr. Norrie: Great. We have students placed in all kinds of interesting agencies and work. Can you share with our viewers some of those?

Bill Virkler: Well, it is not unusual that we have a large number of students with the FBI, and CIA and Homeland Security, both through the federal government and New York State, private industry, and large lending institutions. Our success is measured by the students' success, so we very much try to track where they go, and if they need some help in a direction, that's where the advising comes in and we can steer them in the right direction. But we definitely are very proud of where our students are.

Dr. Norrie: And you, like many of our faculty, you had a background in the real world before you came to Utica College. So what is it you do in your other world?

Bill Virkler: Well, I happen to sit in a large criminal court here in Oneida County, in fact the largest criminal court of towns and villages in Oneida County, one of the largest in New York State. And to bring in that real experience that I go through every day onto campus and be able to discuss situations with a student. We do criminal justice here at Utica College, so it makes it much easier to relate to what the kids are looking for and help them out.

Dr. Norrie: If you want more information about our real world faculty and our real world programs, you can get that here. Bill, I want to thank you for joining us on the show this morning.

Bill Virkler: Thank you, doctor.

Dr. Norrie: Have a great day. Thank you.

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