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UTICA COLLEGE - TV: Learn more about the Economic Crime and Cybersecurity Institute at Utica College

In this episode of UCTV, Professor Ray Philo, Director of the Economic Crime and Cybersecurity Institute (ECCI) at Utica College, describes the role of the institute and the many ways in which students benefit from this unique organization.

The institute’s Board of Advisors consists of academics and industry executives from companies such as, Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP, U.S. Postal Inspection Service, JP Morgan Chase, Ketchum, KPMG, Computer Sciences Corporation, and Wetstone Corporation. These experts bring a wealth of knowledge and years of experience to bear in offering students professional career advice, internship opportunities, mock interviews, etc.

The ECCI Board also advises the School of Business and Justice Studies on ways to incorporate emerging trends into the curriculum, thereby ensuring that students are well prepared with the latest techniques and methodologies in combating economic crimes.

Transcript: The Economic Crime and Cybersecurity Institute.

Dr. Norrie: Welcome to another episode of UCTV. Great to have you back with us here in Utica, New York, and my guest today is Ray Philo. Ray is a faculty member in our Economic Crime Program, but more importantly, he's here today in his role, and you can see it on his T-shirt, there it is, as the Chair of our ECCI Board. Now what does that stand for, Ray?

Professor Philo: ECCI stands for Economic Crime and Cybersecurity Institute at Utica College.

Dr. Norrie: And what does the ECCI do?

Professor Philo: The ECCI actually has a long history at Utica College. ECCI is unique in that we put together an advisory board a number of years ago, that actually advises the college and our department on curriculum, actually engages students and advises them individually, in some cases, on employment and internship opportunities.

Dr. Norrie: Neat.

Professor Philo: How best to keep a program current and relevant than to bring in those people who are actually engaged in it on a day-to-day basis?

Dr. Norrie: Right.

Professor Philo: So once again, they perform that advisory role to us and advise students.

Dr. Norrie: Great. So this allows us, then, to use their expertise to really bring the industry's perspective from the outside to the inside of our programs.

Professor Philo: Yes. When you talk about economic crime and especially cybersecurity, I mean, it's changing by the week, if not by the day. So to have industry experts, who are immersed in it on a daily basis in fairly relevant and high positions within their respective industries, is very important. It's very important to keeping our curriculum up-to-date and, thus, our students.

Dr. Norrie: Great. Well, for our prospective students out there, who are looking at programs, one of their concerns, obviously, is how they take that degree, that experience, that education, and get the job. Right?

Professor Philo: Right. Absolutely.

Dr. Norrie: So tell us a little bit about the role that ECCI plays in terms of helping our students do that.

Professor Philo: ECCI plays an important role. A couple of ways we do that. They are available to students on an individual basis. We refer students to the ECCI board member. What's unique is the board member is also vetting that student for potential internships and job opportunities within their particular organization. Their organizations include law enforcement, cyber warfare, financial crimes, and financial institutions. So we have a broad spectrum of industries represented.

Dr. Norrie: Well, you sound so passionate about helping students find their path and get the job. What did you do before coming to Utica College?

Professor Philo: Actually, I had a law enforcement career, and at the same time, I was teaching as an adjunct here at Utica College and really thought, "My gosh, this is a great opportunity." I loved both my careers.

Dr. Norrie: Well, it's another example of these faculty members who have been there, seen it, done that and then joined the faculty.

Professor Philo: Absolutely. And even though I've been retired now for a few years and came over to Utica College full-time as a faculty member, I still have resources within the industry and can, almost on a daily basis, advise students on the proper way to enter that particular job market, whether it's through civil service or the appropriate interviews.

Dr. Norrie: Great. Well Ray, thank you so much for joining us today. It’s been really good.

Professor Philo: Well, thank you, I've enjoyed it. Thank you for the opportunity.

Dr. Norrie: And for prospective students out there, if you want to get the education that's going to get you the job, make sure you find out more about our programs. Have a great day.

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