Faculty Committed to Helping Students Achieve Their Career Goals

Video Transcript: Faculty committed to helping students achieve their career goals

Dr. Norrie: Welcome back to the morning edition of UC TV, and I am here with my coffee, and I'm here with Joe and Nate. So I want to introduce both of these guys. This is Professor Joe Giordano. He is the Program Director of our graduate programs in Cyber. And Nate French, you've probably seen, returning guest from another episode, who is at Adirondack Bank. And I want to focus today, guys, on the relationship between students and faculty. I think one of the things that all great programs exhibit is a real commitment from faculty to help students get the job they want and sent on the path that they aspire to do. So I want to start with you, Nate. You had Joe.

Nate French: Well, I had Joe for a few classes and as my advisor as well. Basically, he helped guide me through my college, so recommending classes, take a minor or not, which I did in Computer Science, and then also kind of introducing you to people in the industry, contacts for jobs and whatnot.

Dr. Norrie: Tell me about why that experience was important.

Nate French: I mean, if you read the news, the job market looks a little scary when you're just coming out of college. So having people kind of in your corner fighting for you, getting you out there and introducing you to people who can offer you a job, – that was really critical to me. I was concerned, going into the program, "Am I going to make it or not?" Luckily, I did.

Dr. Norrie: Great.

Nate French: But I mean Joe definitely helped.

Dr. Norrie: Tell me a little bit about your philosophy around students and teaching.

Joe Giordano: I really get involved with the students, and I try to make things very real-world so they can take something with them when they go out in the world.

Dr. Norrie: Well, and that's the point, of course, of a high-value education, is being able to take it and apply it in the real world.

Joe Giordano: Yes, it is.

Dr. Norrie: Okay. So this is really good because Nate happened to be here, and you were a student in Utica, New York. But what about our online students, our students in blended programs? How do we provide that same level of care and concern around advising and advice, Joe, to them?

Joe Giordano: Well, you have to be student-centered in that environment, and we provide the same service, the same technologies, the same assignments, the same collaboration to the online crowd. And the way you do that is you have great teachers.

Dr. Norrie: Tell me the kind of profile you look for in faculty.

Joe Giordano: I look for people who are personable, with great technical skills, who teach because they love it.

Nate French: Everyone I dealt with was extremely knowledgeable in the topics they were teaching. You might call them experts. They're also very helpful. And one of the things I liked about the classes, too, is a lot of it was self-directed when it came to projects and whatnot. So you could kind of choose a topic you were really interested in versus having someone decide for you. So that was kind of cool as well.

Dr. Norrie: Great. Well, it sounds like you had a great experience. Sounds like you're really good at creating those great experiences. I want to thank everybody. Here we are in our orange and blue for the morning edition of UCTV. I hope you'll join us for other episodes. I want to thank Nate, first of all, very much for joining us this morning, and Joe, always good to see you. Thanks, and have a great day.

Facilitating solid relationships between students and faculty, hiring qualified and personable instructors, and actively guiding students to achieve career success, are just a few examples of how Utica College remains student focused.

In this video, Joe Giordano, Director, MS Cybersecurity programs, and Nate French, recent Cybersecurity graduate, describe to UCTV Host, Dr. James Norrie, the factors that help both on-ground and online students feel engaged and connected with the College.

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