Modern Design and Technology in the Blended MBA

Video Transcript: Modern Design and Technology in the Blended MBA

Dr. Norrie: Welcome back to the morning edition of UCTV, and we're here in our orange and blue colors, the colors of the school, with our coffee and we managed to get an interview today with Katie Hanifin. And Katie, your job here [at Utica College], you're a course designer, right?

Katie Hanifin: Yes.

Dr. Norrie: We had this great opportunity to build from the ground up a brand new blended MBA, and we are so excited about that and I think you share our excitement.

Katie Hanifin: Yes.

Dr. Norrie: So tell me a little bit about what makes that new program so distinct.

Katie Hanifin: It is an exciting program. So we were able to build it from the ground up at a time when the technology really meets the needs of the program.

Dr. Norrie: And so tell me a little bit about that technology and what we did to incorporate it into our definition of blended.

Katie Hanifin: Well, first on the front-end, because the students will interface with a learning management system, we built the course models to really leverage what the learning management system can do well now. You will see a lot of great tools in there. But then the students come into the classroom, whether physically or virtually, and you'll see the telepresence, which is a really exciting, new technology that I think everybody will enjoy.

Dr. Norrie: Right. So telepresence allows a student to really be either in the classroom or remote and have basically the same experience.

Katie Hanifin: Exactly. I think that the shift in learning is that it really doesn't matter where the student physically sits.

Dr. Norrie: Anywhere, anytime.

Katie Hanifin: Anywhere, anytime. It really matters what the student is doing, and so that's where the instructional design comes in.

Dr. Norrie: And if a student is not able, of course, to join us, then we also have the ability to archive the experience.

Katie Hanifin: Yes.

Dr. Norrie: So whether the student is able to join the experience or not they can still benefit from that learning opportunity.

Katie Hanifin: Absolutely.

Dr. Norrie: So what are some of the things that we've done that are really different?

Katie Hanifin: I think in this program there was a heavy focus on application for the students and synthesis of information. So you're not going to see a lot of passive learning experiences or learning experiences that really are isolated to a classroom environment. We try to bring in the real world as much as possible.

Dr. Norrie: So our effort here is really to get the students engaged?

Katie Hanifin: Absolutely.

Dr. Norrie: Well, if you're looking then for a market leading blended MBA, one that allows you to take it online, on ground, anytime, anywhere, Katie and I would say request more information and check out our programs. Nice to have you here this morning. Have a great day.

In this video, Katie Hanifin, Instructional Designer talks to UCTV Host, Dr. James Norrie, about the strategic design and modern technology that was implemented for the new online blended MBA program. The program was designed to allow students maximum flexibility in accessing core course material in the way that best suits their individual learning style.

The new MBA is another innovative response to the challenges that adult learners face in balancing graduate study with professional and personal obligations. Smart classroom technology allows online students to virtually participate in live on-ground lectures, or watch a recording of that session at a later date.