Online MBA Program Overview

Transcript: Online MBA Program Overview

Dr. Norrie: Welcome back to UCTV. My name is Dr. James Norrie, and I'm the Dean of the School of Business and Justice Studies at Utica College. And my guest today is Professor Stephanie Nesbitt, and Stephanie happens to be the Director of our new Blended MBA. And we're here today just to have a little chat about what that program is all about. So Stephanie, why don't we start with tell us a little bit, at the kind of highest level, what's this online MBA all about?

Prof. Nesbitt: This MBA is all about really making sure that students have applied and integrated educational experience through our MBA program, and what we mean is this: We're not just talking about theory, we're not just talking about concepts, but we're making sure that the student gets an opportunity to get in the trenches and do and go back to their desk the very next day and use something that they've learned in our classroom.

Dr. Norrie: You know, so in my travels with CEOs, I get this complaint all the time about MBA students, you know, that they graduate and they're sort of super-analytical and they don't really get the real world of business. You know, what makes this different?

Prof. Nesbitt: What makes this different is we really looked at the contemporary business research, and we've seen that exact disconnect that the CEOs are telling you about, that we as academics have tended to focus on things that aren't necessarily what managers do on a daily basis. So one of the fundamental ideas and one of the building blocks for this program was to look at what businesses are telling us managers really need to know and do on a daily basis.

Dr. Norrie: So if students out there are considering our program and they want to know one thing that really sets us apart and makes it different, it seems to me that this phrase, "Anywhere, Anytime Learning"I seem to hear a lot about, this sort of idea of blended. What advantage does that offer to our students?

Prof. Nesbitt: It offers so many advantages. So let's think about that, "Anytime, Anywhere." What we've classically meant in academics by "Anytime, Anywhere" was that you could do it online by yourself at 2:00 in the morning.

Dr. Norrie: Right, what students call "All the time, everywhere."

Prof. Nesbitt: All the time, everywhere. "Anytime, Anywhere" for us really has to capture that valuable, valuable component of MBA education, and that's interacting with a peer, interacting with a colleague, and interacting with a faculty member. So for us, "Anytime, Anywhere" means using modern technology to provide access both synchronously to real activities and real experiences with classmates and the faculty member, making sure that they can see all of the things that happened and occurred in the classroom.

Dr. Norrie: So if I'm exploring programs and thinking about what it is that I might be doing with my future, what makes Utica College someplace where I want to explore a little further and maybe come learn more about these programs?

Prof. Nesbitt: There are some key things that make Utica College the place to be. First is the "Anytime, Anywhere" approach to education.

Dr. Norrie: Right.

Prof. Nesbitt: The second is the structure of the program that's really focusing on what a manager in today's business world does. We're going to give you theory and concept. We have to. It's academics. But we're also going to give you the opportunity to actually practice and apply the things that managers really do on a daily basis. And the third big component about Utica College is we have the best blend of pure academics and practitioners in the marketplace today.

Dr. Norrie: Well, thank you for joining me today for this brief little chat. If you're interested in learning more about our programs, you can explore the site. There's lots of information on our new Blended MBA. Our first class is coming just around the corner, and we look forward to welcoming you to join us in this educational adventure. Have a good day.

Watch this video of Dr. James Norrie, Dean of School of Business and Justice Studies interview Stephanie Nesbitt, Director of the MBA program, about the innovative strategy behind developing the MBA, the blended learning options available, and the results driven approach ensuring curriculum is geared to the tasks, analysis and leadership required to be successful in the workplace.