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Career Support for Online Students

Online Resources That Foster Career Success

100% Online Career Support

Find Your Professional Path

Utica University helps you do more than earn an empowering degree in a flexible online format. You’ll also get support from the Jeremy C. Thurston ’00 Center for Career Readiness. Access personal guidance and resources to continue your success after graduation. We can also assist with your job search after you finish your online program.

As a Utica student, you will engage with our career readiness team online from wherever you are — without needing to visit campus. We offer career assessments that help you discover your professional interests and strengths. From there, our career coaches will work with you to find opportunities to pursue after graduation.

Tap Into Your Professional Strengths

Finding your ideal career is an act of discovery. At Utica University, we’ll use data tools that help make that process a success. That includes career assessments that provide insights for deciding which field is best for you.

Your Utica University career coach can walk through the results of these assessments with you. Their guidance can inform the professional path you select after graduation.

  • Awato Career Assessment This assessment helps identify your skills, personality, interests, and values. By understanding these traits, you’ll have a better idea about which job sector is for you.

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Personalized Career Coaching

With Utica University’s online programs, you aren’t alone when it’s time to look for employment. Our online support helps you secure an interview and land a job.

Build a Better Résumé

We’ll help present your skills and qualifications in ways that impress employers.

Ace Your Interview

During mock interviews, you’ll prepare to show you’re the right candidate for the job.

Write Winning Cover Letters

We offer personalized cover letter reviews, helping you tailor what you say to each employer with an open position.

Job & Internship Search

We can help you get experiences to put on your resume, such as micro internships via Parker Dewey or internships and jobs using Handshake.

Join Handshake to Connect With Employers

A strong professional network helps you form valuable connections and support you in reaching your potential. With the Handshake app, we bring those connections together in an easy-to-use, online hub.

As a Utica student, you’ll use Handshake to connect with students, alumni, and employers in your field. It will help you:

  • Search for Jobs and Internships
    You’ll find opportunities from our employer partners and other organizations across the U.S.
  • Stand Out to Employers
    Create a professional profile and post your résumé to be considered for open jobs.
  • Participate in Career Events
    Sign up for workshops and employer information sessions offered by the Jeremy C. Thurston ’00 Center for Career Readiness.
  • Receive Personal Support
    Make appointments with your career coach to receive personalized guidance.

Listen to Our Podcast!

What does professional success sound like? To find out, listen to the Pio Career Cast from the Jeremy C. Thurston ’00 Center for Career Readiness. You’ll learn tips for researching the job market, creating your résumé, and preparing for interviews. Plus, learn more about how Handshake can connect you with employers.

Get Matched With a Mentor

We offer our Career Mentor Program during the sophomore, junior, and senior years of undergraduate programs. It allows you to learn from someone in your career field, receiving personal guidance about:

Access More Career Resources

The Jeremy C. Thurston ’00 Center for Career Readiness can connect you with a host of additional resources that support your professional success, including:

As a student, you’ll access an online tool that shares the jobs available to graduates after completing their program.

Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics sheds light on career fields that are growing and shrinking. You can also learn the earning potential of occupations.

Download this checklist to see how you can become career-ready before graduation.

As you plan the next step of your career, conducting research is essential. To aid this process, we share links to research companies that compile insights about employers. Use these tools to learn about organizations in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

Our commitment to inclusion extends beyond our online classrooms. The Jeremy C. Thurston ’00 Center for Career Readiness provides support tailored for our diverse student population. Explore our resources for:

We also rely on the Corporate Equality Index when helping students learn about workplaces with inclusive LGBTQ policies and practices.

Find the Degree for Your Career Interests

Discover career-ready programs built around the latest innovations in each field at Utica University. You’ll learn from experienced faculty who will help you develop the knowledge and skills to thrive. What’s more, you can study in an online format that lets you decide when and where to complete the coursework.