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Social Work / article

Trauma-Informed Care Principles for Social Workers

Read about trauma-informed care and its importance in social work.

Cybersecurity / video

Bachelor’s in Cybersecurity Virtual Open House

In this virtual open house video, cybersecurity program director Dr. Leslie Corbo discusses the advantages of Utica University’s online B.S. in Cybersecurity. Learn more about the renowned program and its specializations, and find out how you can gain hands-on experience while earning impressive digital badges through a unique partnership with RangeForce. You’ll also hear from Utica University cybersecurity student Mark Oppedisano, who talks about what it’s like to learn from industry-leading professionals and professors.

Nursing / video

Master’s in Nursing Education and Leadership Virtual Open House

View this virtual open house recording to learn more about Utica University’s online CCNE-accredited M.S. in Nursing Education and M.S. in Nursing Leadership programs. Discover how advanced nursing education can transform your career. You’ll hear from our graduate nursing faculty as they speak with a recent graduate about the benefits of earning your master’s in nursing online with Utica University.

/ video

M.S. in Financial Crime and Compliance Management Virtual Open House

Discover why Utica University's online Master of Science in Financial Crime and Compliance Management has earned a reputation for excellence. In this virtual open house, you’ll hear program director Suzanne Lynch explain the program’s global perspective toward cybercrime, corruption, money laundering, cryptocurrency, and financial threats.

Cybersecurity / article

Which Cybersecurity Program is Right For Me?

View this quick comparison grid for our Masters-level Cybersecurity programs to help you select the degree that will best suit your background and career goals.

/ video

Introduction to Engage Learning Platform

Welcome to the Engage Learning system. This easy-to-use online, mobile-friendly platform has the robust features and advanced technology that help students learn course materials in the way that suits them best. Watch the video for a quick overview.

Nursing / video

RN to BSN Open House

View this video to learn more about the CCNE-accredited online RN to B.S. in Nursing program. Our Program Director offers unique insights and answers questions during a virtual open house.

Cybersecurity / article

How the Cybersecurity Workforce is Forecasting Future Cyber Threats

Cyber intelligence should be proactive, not reactive; it's vital to recognize future cyber threats early. Learn how at Utica University.

Cybersecurity / article

The Importance of Women in Cybersecurity

The cybersecurity field needs more women, and the gender gap puts us at risk. Read Utica University's article on the importance of women in cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity / article

Phishing Prevention: Protecting Remote Offices

Remote workers or offices are highly at risk for phishing scams. Utica University is a leader in IT education. Learn more about phishing prevention.

Cybersecurity / article

Student Spotlight–Preparing for Success in Cybersecurity

Pooja Chanda, a 2016 graduate and current cyber threat intelligence analyst, explains why Utica University's online M.S. in Cybersecurity was the perfect fit.

Criminal Justice / infographic

Infographic: Top 10 Famous White Collar Crimes

Learn more about white collar crime with this infographic from Utica University on the Top 10 Most Famous White Collar Criminals and how they were caught.

Criminal Justice / article

Top 6 Fraud Risks for Small Businesses

Small business owners should employ economic crime investigators in order to better protect their employees, their finances and themselves.

Cybersecurity / article

Ten Ways Evolving Technology Affects Cybersecurity

As technology has advanced, so has the ability to seek out cybercrimes before they happen. Learn about 10 ways evolving technology affects Cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity / article

What Makes Cybersecurity a Rewarding Career?

High salaries, great benefits, and an abundance of job opportunities aren't the only things that make a career in this field attractive. Learn more about the intangible benefits of cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity / article

Student Spotlight – Understanding How Terrorists Use Cyberspace to Target American Youth

Richard Brumfield, recent MS in Cybersecurity graduate describes his capstone research into how terrorists use cyberspace to target and recruit Americans.

Criminal Justice / video

Faculty Spotlight – Director Suzanne Lynch, MS in Economic Crime Management

A spotlight on Suzanne Lynch, program director of the online Master of Science in Economic Crime Management program at Utica University.

Nursing / video

Faculty Spotlight – Interview with Amy Haver

Adjunct faculty member Amy Haver discusses the benefits of the online RN to BSN at Utica University, including the flexibility of its structure and online format.

Nursing / blog

Online Learning Requires Self-Discipline

Melissa Turek, a student in the Utica University RN to BS Nursing program, explains why online learning requires self-discipline.

Nursing / article

What a BS in Nursing Can Do for You

The benefits of earning a BSN degree include job security, better patient outcomes, career progression, flexibility, the BSN in 10 initiative and more.

Cybersecurity / article

What Is Cyber Policy and Why Is It Important?

Learn more about how cyberattacks are influencing policy makers, as well as how cyber policy is impacting our day-to-day lives and striking a balance between regulation and freedom.

Criminal Justice / article

Fight Economic Crime as a Certified Fraud Examiner

Learn more about what certified fraud examiners do, why they're important, and why Utica University is the best place to go if you want to become one.

Health Care / article

Nine New Trends in Health Care Management for 2017

Learn more about new trends affecting healthcare management in 2017. Utica University addresses industry concerns such as privacy, drug shortages and cost-cutting.

Nursing / article

8 Leadership Skills Nurses Need to Be Successful

What skills do you need to succeed as a nursing leader? Learn from a school graduating nurses who impact the profession through their confidence, leadership, critical thinking skills, and industry knowledge.

Nursing / article

Best Resources for Nursing Students

Learn about the resources available to online nursing students that can aid you in successfully completing the RN to BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) program.

Nursing / article

How the BSN in 10 Legislation Affects Nurses

Learn more about the specifications and implications of New York's BSN in 10 legislation, which requires current nurses, who work in the state of New York, to earn their Bachelor of Science in Nursing within 10 years of initial licensure.

/ article

Three Examples of How Companies Make Data-Driven Decisions

As more companies rely on data to make their most important decisions, earning a B.B.A. degree with expertise in data-driven decision-making can be a game changer for your career.

Cybersecurity / article

Government Agencies That Utilize Cybersecurity Professionals

Now more than ever, government agencies rely on elite cybersecurity professionals to protect sensitive information. Learn more about what they want and need from who they hire.

Cybersecurity / article

What Qualifications and Experience are Needed for a Career in Cybersecurity?

Explore the qualifications, credentials, and experience needed to advance your career in cybersecurity.

Nursing / video

RN – BS in Nursing (RN-BSN) Online Student Success

Hear first-hand from our students about their experiences and outcomes in the online RN to BS in Nursing (RN-BSN) program at Utica University.

Cybersecurity / blog

How To Succeed in an 8-Week Course

Cybersecurity student Taryn Kuczynski shares her tips on how to be successful in a fast-paced eight-week online course with Utica University.

Cybersecurity / blog

Communicating With Professors is Key

A student in the Utica University online Master's in Cybersecurity program shares his advice regarding how important it is to communicate with your professor.

Cybersecurity / article

Top 10 Ways to Protect Your Identity Online

As the internet becomes even more integral to our lives and we share more and more of our personal data with social networks, it's becoming harder to prevent identity theft. Here are the top 10 ways to protect yourself online.

/ article

Skills and Traits of a Successful Cybersecurity Manager

What does it take to excel as a cybersecurity manager? Learn why you need leadership skills, up-to-date technology and business knowledge, and more.

Criminal Justice / blog

4 Key Transitions for Graduate-Level Studies

A student in the Utica University online Master's in Financial Crime & Compliance Management program talks about 4 major transitions as a graduate-level student.

Nursing / blog

10 Tips to Help You Balance the Workload

Melissa Turek, a student in the Utica University RN to BS Nursing program, shares 10 tips to help you balance your workload as an online nursing student.

Health Care / blog

5 Tips to Surviving Group Projects

Melissa Turek, a student in the Utica University RN to BS Nursing program, shares five tips to surviving group projects.

Cybersecurity / article

A Day in the Life of an Information Security Professional

Get an inside look into the careers you may be interested in as a graduate of Utica's BS or MS Cybersecurity programs.