Master of Science in Nursing Leadership: Career Outlook

Take on a leadership role to improve health outcomes

Organizations everywhere are looking for nursing professionals with the skills to lead teams, make complex decisions, and handle the day-to-day management of health care delivery while maintaining the highest standards for quality care.

  • Top 10% of medical and health services managers earn more than $189,000 annually on average1
  • 32% job growth through 2029 — almost 3x the national average — for medical and health services managers1
  • Nursing leaders in demand in all sectors, including government, private health care, hospitals, and nursing facilities, among others2

Whether you want to pursue top roles in a hospital, a residential care facility, a nursing home, or another clinical setting, Utica College's CCNE- accredited online Master of Science in Nursing Leadership program equips you to provide top-quality care and leadership.

Senior Nurse Manager


As a senior nurse manager3, you would lead a nursing team in a clinic, nursing home, hospital, or other health care setting and drive positive experiences and health outcomes for your patients. Manage team members, provide evaluations and feedback, coordinate care-delivery systems, and make high-level decisions to ensure quality care.

Chief Nursing Officer


Chief nursing officers4 are the highest authority in nursing at a hospital or other large-scale health care organization. In this role, you'd represent nursing on the executive level, developing initiatives with other departmental leads while you maintain budgets, team dynamics, operational policies, and high-quality nursing.

Additional roles for graduates of the Master of Science in Nursing Leadership:

  • Nurse Director
  • Medical Health and Service Manager
  • Director of Clinical Operations
  • Clinic Manager
  • Nurse Administrator
  • Charge Nurse

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          Key Skills Employers Need

          • Analyze, design, implement, and evaluate nursing care.

          • Initiate, maintain, and demonstrate skills in care coordination, delegation, and conflict resolution strategies.

          • Promote safe, high-quality care through your ability to monitor, analyze, and prioritize outcomes that need to be improved for individuals, families, communities, and clinical populations.

          • Use critical reflection to translate evidence and integrate scholarship into advanced nursing practice.

          • Incorporate current technologies to deliver and coordinate care across multiple settings.

          • Promote health, help shape the health-delivery system, and advance values like social justice through policy processes and advocacy.

          • Actively collaborate with other health professionals to improve care across systems.

          • Design and ensure the delivery of clinical prevention interventions and population-based care that promotes health, reduces the risk of chronic illness, and prevents disease.

          • Facilitate commitment to a culture of nursing excellence through lifelong personal and professional development.

          • Integrate the arts and sciences, including leadership and ethical principles, with nursing science as a foundation for decision-making within diverse situations, settings, and communities resulting in safe patient care, quality outcomes, and health promotion.

          • Use critical reflection, innovation, and inter-professional collaboration to promote lifelong learning and continual improvement, integrate current evidence, and inform policy.

          • Incorporate current technologies to augment professional practice and scholarship.

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