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Which Cybersecurity Program is Right For Me?

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Utica University has a strong and distinguished history at the forefront of educating leaders in the Cybersecurity space, offering undergraduate and graduate programs in this dynamic field.

Cybersecurity is a ubiquitous need because industries across today’s workforce are connected to cyberspace through technology. There are numerous careers in this field that span from highly technical to operational and strategic implementation skillsets. So, whether you’re interested in a rigorous IT curriculum, or you need to know how to effectively establish, interact with and convey security requirements, we have the degree for you!

View the grid below to compare our master’s-level Cybersecurity programs to help you select the degree that best suits your background and career goals.

MS Cybersecurity Operations Management MS Cybersecurity
Key Program DifferentiatorFoundational cyber security knowledge for the business professionalAdvanced cyber security skills for the technical professional
OverviewLearn principles of successful project management, risk management and compliance frameworks to address the cyber security demands of a business as a leader.Learn in-depth tactics, techniques, and procedures through hands-on labs to effectively protect and defend organizations from cyber attacks.
Who Is This Degree For?This degree is ideal for individuals:
  • with limited or no technical work experience.
  • from various professional backgrounds.
  • seeking managerial and technical project management skills and certifications.
This degree is ideal for individuals:
  • with a technical background in cyber security, IT, computer science (and/or significant technical work experience)
  • seeking offense and defense tactics to advance their skills in protecting an organization’s digital assets and information
Curriculum Details
  • 30 credit hours
  • 5 cyber security courses
  • 4 business and management courses
  • No residency required
  • 30 credit hours
  • Up to 10 cyber security courses
  • Choice of advanced specializations
  • No residency required
Skills LearnedAbility to implement and supervise cybersecurity programs and manage the people and processes that support them.

Additional Skills:
  • Devise and implement cybersecurity and compliance frameworks
  • Interpret financial and accounting information
  • Implement risk management assessments
  • Deep understanding of legal and ethical issues
  • Conduct technical project management
Ability to protect, defend and deter cyber attacks, along with critical thinking and leadership skills.

Additional Skills:
  • Contribute to digital forensic investigations
  • Run network vulnerability assessments
  • Run malware analyses
  • Implement cryptography
  • Understand cyber operations
Career Paths
  • IT Project Manager
  • IT Risk Analyst
  • Assistant to the Chief Information Officer/Security Officer
  • Cybersecurity Consultant
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Security Architect
  • Chief Security Officer
  • Cyber Operations Analyst
  • Supplier Security Compliance Manager
Additional Industry CredentialCompTIA ® Project+ certification:
Credential for business professionals who coordinate or manage small-to-medium-sized technical projects.
CompTIA Cloud+, CYSA+, and PenTest+

Ready for a rewarding career in one of today’s most in-demand career fields? Do you have any questions? We’re here to help! Request More Information or call 1-866-295-3106 to speak with a knowledgeable Enrollment Counselor.

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