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Faculty Spotlight – Director Suzanne Lynch, MS in Economic Crime Management

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Please note, as of February 17, 2022, “Utica College” is now “Utica University.”

Video Transcript – Suzanne Lynch, Director, describes the MS in Economic Crime Management program

My name is Suzanne Lynch, and I’m the Director of Economic Crime Management at Utica College. My background is, quite unique. It’s some law enforcement as well as over 20 years in financial investigations, primarily in banking, credit card company, and securities companies.

Utica College, the Master’s program is the only program of its kind in the country. What the Economic Crime Program brings is an umbrella of a number of different skillsets all related to economic crime, fraud investigations, forensic accounting. So it, it’s a more generalized approach but still geared towards the professional that is in a variety of fields.

Enhancing skills in Management, Investigations and Compliance
This program really teaches you investigative skills, maybe some enhanced skills that you may not know. It teaches you the management of those processes. What this will do is give you that enhanced ability to promote yourself to rise up the corporate ladder, or if necessary change into a different field of economic crime investigation or detection.

For instance, we’ve had accountants that come into the program that have some auditing experience but want to get into more compliance. Compliance is a huge field right now, whether its money laundering compliance, all the different regulatory actions the government is bringing down. That is where the jobs are. The future of employment with this degree is really very good.

Faculty are Thought Leaders in the Industry
The faculty in the Economic Crime Management Program is probably . . . We talk about thought leaders in the industry, in various industries, whether law enforcement, banking, insurance, forensic accounting law. We’re very, very lucky to have a unique group of folks that are dedicated to this program.

Benefits of the Residency
The residency is beneficial for two primary reasons. Number one, it shows you Utica College is a viable, four-year liberal arts college campus here in upstate New York. It also brings people together that may not . . . They’ve come from all different, parts of the country to be together, and we, we call that a cohort experience. The second reason would be the courses that we do have are somewhat more technical in nature, and it’s a very hands-on lab experience with some of the technology that we show our students. So it’s better for them to be, in, in the classroom learning and then when they have that experience it’s far easier when they go away to take maybe another online course that they’ll be able to utilize, those skills that we give them.

Alumni Networking Opportunities
There is an amazing amount of alum that come up to the booth [at a conference] that are practitioners in the field. I’d like to say we’re everywhere, every corner and, the ability to network, is an amazing thing to say and to have with this program, in addition to obviously the degree, but the pride is there. Utica alum are probably in every major industry, every major financial services company for sure, in the country. And I think that’s something, you know, to be very proud of.

An interview with Sue Lynch, Professor of Practice, discussing the benefits of the Online Master’s in Economic Crime Management at Utica University

Sue Lynch, Professor of Practice and Director of the MS in Economic Crime Management program, describes the broad industry experience of faculty, the innovative program structure and the curriculum.

If you would like more information about the online MS in Economic Crime Management program, request more information or call us at (315) 732-2640 or toll-free at (866) 295-3106. An admissions representative will answer any questions you might have about why Utica University is the right choice for your education.

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