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Fight Economic Crime as a Certified Fraud Examiner

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Utica University, a world leader in economic crime prevention, can help you prepare to become a certified fraud examiner.

What is a Certified Fraud Examiner?

Certified fraud examiners (or CFEs) are essential in today’s business world. As technological advances continue to modify the way businesses operate, the need for CFEs has never been greater. In all types of industries, organizations throughout the world employ certified fraud examiners and rely upon them to protect company assets and aid in the prevention, detection, and crime investigation of fraud. Why is there such demand for certified fraud examiners? Given the amount of money that organizations lose to fraud and abuse, an estimated $4.7 trillion worldwide according to a 2022 report by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners1, it is easy to understand why the corporate world is actively seeking qualified certified fraud examiners.

Where Can I Work as a CFE?

Becoming a certified fraud examiner opens the door to numerous career opportunities. With their knowledge of financial transactions, law, investigation and criminology, the certified fraud examiner understands how and why fraud occurs and can detect, track and prevent crime.

Private companies aren’t the only ones seeking help from certified fraud examiners. Government agencies like the FBI, the ATF and the IRS employ CFEs as forensic accountants for investigations from money laundering and identity-theft fraud to arson-for-profit and tax evasion.

Where Can I Prepare for a Career as a Certified Fraud Examiner?

Utica University is uniquely qualified to provide unequaled education and benefits for those wishing to further their careers with a Bachelor’s in Fraud and Financial Crime Investigation and certification from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, such as:

  • Accredited bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in economic crime.
  • A distinctive program that ranks Utica University as one of the top colleges in the North by U.S. News & World Report.
  • Instruction from experts and Utica University faculty — combining knowledge and cutting-edge experience.
  • A curriculum that provides students with the academic qualifications needed to take the examinations to become certified fraud examiners.
  • A complete online format allows you to continue your education without interrupting your employment or family obligations.

What Kind of People Become CFEs?

Certified fraud examiners include many professionals – attorneys, accountants, criminologists, auditors and educators. They share a goal of reducing fraud and white-collar crime. Certified fraud examiners earn 34% more than their non-certified colleagues. Professionals who earn CFE designation earn an average of $81,430.2 This exemplifies that recognition as an expert in the anti-fraud field increasingly correlates to a significantly higher level of compensation.

Utica University is ready to set you on the path to a higher income and career advancement. Gain the specialized knowledge needed to prepare for the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners exam and earn the internationally preferred designation of CFE.



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