MBA: Cybersecurity Specialization

Program Overview

Pair your business expertise with cybersecurity fundamentals.

Utica College's fully online Master of Business Administration allows you to pair your business education with a specialization in the basics of Cybersecurity.

Utica College's fully online Master of Business Administration allows you to pair your business education with a specialization in the basics of Cybersecurity.

High Paying, High Demand

Cybersecurity is one of the nation's fastest-growing fields, with up to 28 percent growth projected for Information Security Analysts by 2026—a rate four times the national average.1 This demand is in response to the flurry of cyberattacks that make daily appearances in the news, with high-profile targets such as Yahoo!, Equifax, Target, the city of Atlanta, the United States' Democratic National Committee, and more.

Each cyberattack represents lost revenue for businesses affected, as well as lost trust from clients and consumers. A data breach, for example, costs the company affected an average of $3.8 million2 and requires an average of 50 days to resolve.3

Harness Utica College's MBA with a specialization in Cybersecurity to communicate the business rationale for protecting your organization's most important data.

Acclaim for Utica College

The National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security have designated Utica College as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance/Cyber Defense Education (CAE IA/CD) for academic years 2014–2019.

Our cybersecurity programs have also been recognized for their excellence by the:

  • Defense Cyber Crime Center (DC3)

  • EC-Council, one of the premier certifying bodies in cybersecurity

Learn more about why Utica College is your best choice for a cybersecurity education.

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          Career Outlook

          Spending on cybersecurity grew by nearly 3,500 percent ($3.5 billion to $120 billion) from 2004 to 2017 and is projected to exceed $124 billion in 2019.4,5 As hackers get more sophisticated, attacks will increase alongside spending.

          That demand means more opportunities and bigger salaries for cybersecurity management professionals, with 26 percent of employers offering higher salaries to MBA-holding candidates with specializations in technology.6 Plus, it's projected there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs nationwide by 2021.7

          An education from Utica College can help you compete for some of the highest-paying cybersecurity jobs.

          Career Spotlight: Cybersecurity Analyst

          As a cybersecurity analyst (also known as a cyber threat analyst), you'd take complicated technical concepts and explain them to senior-level executives and officials. You would also work to assess your organization's data-security readiness through penetration testing and simulated cyberattacks. Employed as a cybersecurity analyst, you could earn a $75,840 average annual salary.8

          Career Spotlight: Cybersecurity Consultant

          As a cybersecurity consultant, you would assess your client or company's vulnerability using penetration testing. You'd respond to cyberattacks with forensic analysis and assist in risk analysis and mitigation techniques. Your business administration skills would be helpful in this position as you communicate with clients, manage projects, and educate colleagues about policies and procedures. Employed as a cybersecurity consultant, you could earn an $83,472 average annual salary.9

          Other titles you may qualify for:

          • Information Security Officer
          • Information Security Program Manager


          Curriculum: Key Cybersecurity Skills

          Through 18 foundational credits and 12 specialization credits, Utica College's MBA specialization in cybersecurity provides you with an advanced understanding of the history and evolution of cyber intelligence. You will also explore the impact of cybersecurity networks, protocols, and systems on institutions, business and government applications, and our privacy.

          When you specialize your MBA in cybersecurity, you'll possess key skills in cybersecurity analysis and cybercrime investigation and response.

          Course Spotlight: CYB 673 – Principles of Cybercrime Investigations

          Learn the technical aspects of computer cybercrime investigations. You will analyze the different types of attacks used by terrorists and criminals against our computers and understand corresponding defense strategies.


          Course Spotlight: CYB 633 – Critical National Infrastructures and National Security

          Examine America's critical infrastructures and issues pertaining to safeguarding against and managing cyber threats. You will analyze key asset identification, threat vulnerabilities, and technologies to support the planning, mitigation, response, recovery, and prediction of cyber threats.

          More Options for Your Degree

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Advancing your life and career with an online degree comes with lots of questions, and we want to ensure your search for answers is effortless. If you have a question we haven't covered, call (866) 295-3106 to speak with a program manager.

          You can finish this program in two years of part-time study. The curriculum is made up of 10 core courses, 4 electives in your chosen specialization, and one capstone—each of which requires eight weeks to complete.

          According to Poets & Quants, the outlook for graduates with an MBA is bright and getting brighter:

          • In 2017, the Corporate Recruiters Survey Report found that 86% of companies worldwide plan to hire recent MBA graduates, a seven percent jump from 2016.
          • Salaries are rising alongside job opportunities. The Graduate Management Admission Council reports 52% of employers increased their starting salaries for new MBA hires at or above the inflation rate.
          • In the U.S., the projected median starting base salary for recent MBA graduates was $110,000 in 2017, up $5,000 from 2016.
          • MBA degree holders are in demand across industries and sectors, as in-depth business administration knowledge is required in private, public and governmental organizations.

          Learn more about your career outlook with Utica College's MBA.

          As we created this program, we examined the current state of the business world and the leadership skills that organizations are looking for. Utica College's ACBSP-accredited online MBA program is designed with the needs of these modern companies in mind. Our real-world, application-based approach provides you with proven, relevant skills that are in demand in today's market.

          Plus, this program is flexible and designed to fit your life. You can learn 100-percent online, or you can attend classes on campus. You can engage in live virtual classrooms, or you can watch recorded lectures at your own pace. The way you learn is up to you.

          We also offer a variety of specializations for you to choose from, so you can tailor your learning to your career.

          No. Our online MBA is designed to help a wide range of students ramp up to business expertise. All students, regardless of background, take a pre-assessment test of core business topics.

          Students who do not have an undergraduate business degree will be required to successfully complete short self-study modules and accompanying exams on any topic areas in which they did not test well. These modules will provide students with the basic business knowledge needed to confidently enter our program.

          In addition, the core business classes in the first year are built to ground students in deep, relevant business knowledge.

          The online master of business administration offers you a variety of specializations to choose from. The knowledge you gain will establish you as an enlightened business leader with the breadth of knowledge necessary for data-driven, results-oriented decision-making. You'll choose from these specializations:

          • Finance/Accounting
          • Insurance and Risk Management (IRM)
          • Cybersecurity
          • Cyber Policy
          • Data Analytics
          • Entrepreneurship
          • Health Care Management
          • General: Select any four graduate-level courses and fashion your own elective.

          Learn more about the online MBA curriculum and specializations.

          This program costs $700 per credit and is composed of 30 credits. Learn more about tuition and financial aid for Utica's online MBA.


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