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Online MBA in Fraud Management

Fight Fraud and Economic Crime with an MBA focused on fraud and risk management techniques

The online Economic Crime and Fraud Management MBA from Utica College is one of the few programs in the nation that combines fraud management with business, giving you a highly marketable degree.

In the wake of far-reaching corporate scandals, and sweeping legislation like the Sarbanes-Oxley act, there is a growing demand for individuals, such as accountants and CPAs, with fraud examination skills who can help organizations in the detection and deterrence of fraud through forensic accounting and other techniques.

This groundbreaking, ACBSP accredited, advanced degree provides professional education to members of private corporations, government and professional associations who desire to advance their competencies in managing corporate and advanced technological resources to combat financial crime.

Utica's MBA in Economic Crime and Fraud Management prepares you to manage others as you take on a larger leadership role in your organization. You will also become a proactive force in the following capacities:

  • :: Implementing and executing strategies for identifying and preventing fraud with technology, tools and products
  • :: Applying precise, vital business concepts and skills to manage complex technology projects and programs.
  • :: Making managerial decisions based on critical thinking, data intelligence, quantitative analysis and financial models

Industry Certifications

Utica College, is the first college in the nation to become an education partner with the preeminent association for financial crime specialists —Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS). The partnership provides some very important benefits to both ACAMS members and Utica students, including tuition discounts and preparation for the CAMS certification exam. Click here for the press release or request more information about the discounts available to Utica students and ACAMS members.

The comprehensive curriculum in our Fraud Management online program will also support your preparation for the CFE exam presented by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), the premier certification for anti-fraud professionals around the world.

The Certified Fraud Examiner credential is the premier certification for anti-fraud professionals around the world. The ACFE's 2014 Compensation Guide for Anti-Fraud Professionals shows that CFEs earn 25% more than non-CFEs in similar positions.

An Innovative Fraud Management MBA Curriculum

Our online Fraud Management MBA offers a unique blend of high-level business strategy and leadership coursework combined with cutting-edge curriculum in fraud management and financial crime that will prepare you to work as a fraud investigator and fraud examiner.

This program prepares graduates for Fraud Management careers in a variety of industries, such as banking, credit card, telecommunications, insurance, retail, and financial services. Current students and graduates of the Economic Crime Management program become part of a large global network through their affiliation with each other and with the Economic Crime and Cybersecurity Institute Board of Advisors.

View the online Economic Crime and Fraud Management MBA curriculum

The online MBA in Economic Crime and Fraud Management can typically be completed in two years of part-time study utilizing a flexible, online format with faculty-directed study. There are no on-campus residencies required for this program.

MBA in Fraud Management vs CPA Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF)

The CFF certification, administered through the AICPA (, is exclusively available to Certified Public Accountants and requires 1,000 hours of specific work experience, 75 hours of forensic accounting-related continuing professional education (CPE) and rigorous self-study. Obtaining a CFF credential is an admirable goal, and may be a step you take in your career journey, but it differs from the MBA in Fraud Management in three important ways:

  • :: It offers broader business acumen than the CFF's laser-like focus on accounting
  • :: It is a graduate degree that does not require the education, exam and experience required to become a CPA and additionally qualify to take the CFF exam
  • :: The MBA's wide career path includes enumerable leadership opportunities in areas like management, risk, technology, etc. versus a CPA/CFF's private practice or accounting-based corporate role.

A graduate with an MBA in Fraud Management has doors of all kinds open to him or her. A Master of Business Administration may even pursue becoming a CPA and getting the CFF credential if financial forensics is where one's passion lies, but the benefit of getting an MBA in Fraud Management is the variety of avenues one can take to his or her future, and having a resume that spotlights experience in corporate finance, accounting, business process, law and fraud management makes it easier to stand out from the competitive crowd of job candidates.

Watch the video to see how four Utica Fraud Management MBA graduates have used what they learned to launch careers in this exciting field:
Benefits of the MBA in Economic Crime and Fraud Management

Read the transcript: Tom Taylor '06 - Senior Manager, Corporate Security - Home Depot Corporation:
"There's two primary ways my education at Utica has helped me in my career at the Home Depot. Number one, in this environment the competition for jobs is tighter and tighter. Any strategic advantage, any competitive advantage you can give yourself as an individual is going to help you stand out over competition for that job. So simply the fact of having the MBA from this institution, I believe spotlights me to advantage…. What we do in the corporate security department into the business needs of our organization. So I'm able to understand the business needs that we have in say, our marketing department or with our human resources. I can speak the language of internal audit in addition to the language of corporate security. Being able to rework the statistical analysis piece, huge advantage."

Ashley Busa '07 - Contract Specialist, U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory:
"The MBA program for me, it was a great program. It was a little intense, I did it in a year. I came out of my undergrad degree and went right into the MBA program. The MBA program basically looks great on any resume. My current employer, the Air Force Research Laboratory requires an MBA and they definitely like the fact that it was in the fraud field. The benefits of being on-line is basically, it's teaching you how to interact in the real world now. Mostly everything is technology based, everything's on-line. So being able to kind of be forced into collaborating with a group of people on-line and in e-mails is kind of how the real world is going to work when you go to get a real job someday. So it prepares you that collaboration."

Mussa Sanoe '08 - Financial Management Support, The McGraw Hill Companies:
I think it definitely gave me a competitive edge to have an MBA from Utica College. Part of that is, you know, with a tight job market you are always competing with different level people, different skill set. And I think coming here with a combination on-line program, I think you have the skill set and the flexibility to really tell people that I have an MBA. And I think for personal and professional reasons it actually helped in terms of your own motivations and competing out there. You don't have to be on campus everyday so you can work your schedule in a way that really helps to support your family, to bring a balance between work, social, and family life."

Tracy Webb - Director of Compliance, Pension/Cash Division - Office of New York State Comptroller:
"Well I have both an undergraduate degree and a graduate degree from Utica College. I would say that anyone who has compliance and fraud in their resume right now is extremely marketable. Thank you Bernie Madoff. Obtaining my undergraduate degree here at Utica College gave me something very unique to put on my resume. The first paragraph of my cover letter highlights what a unique education I have. At the time there wasn't anything like it in the country. So that opened many doors for me. And so when I was looking to go back to graduate school again, I was looking for something that set me apart from everyone else in the field."

Fraud and economic crime affect 70% of business and government enterprises each year1. In which industries can an MBA with the expertise to lead the charge against fraud find a career? Almost any industry you can name.

  • • Financial Services
  • • Retail & Consumer
  • • Communications
  • • Hospitality & Leisure
  • • Government & State
  • • Manufacturing
  • • Insurance
  • • Transportation & Logistics
  • • Engineering & Construction
  • • Energy, Utlities & Mining
  • • Aerospace & Defense
  • • Automotive
  • • Pharma & Life Sciences
  • • Chemicals
  • • Technology
  • • Professional Services

Articles and Other Resources

Our Resource Center offers tools, valuable tips and other resources in articles, industry links, and interviews with thought leaders to increase your Fraud Management industry knowledge and assist you as you pursue your education goals.

Webinar: "Follow the Money"

Watch our economic crime investigation experts discuss a terrorist financing scenario and show how financial crime investigation can help foil terrorist groups and their acts of mayhem and crime.

  • Original Air Date: Monday, November 16, 2015


View the archived recording.

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